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    Safe and secure gold coin trading

    Gold coins are high quality products that can have great aesthetic and historical characteristics. Nowadays, buying or selling gold coins is a big business, it has a great value in the market, therefore, it is considered a huge investment.

    It is worth noting that buying gold coins and bullion is an excellent way to diversify your savings. This is because the price of gold has proven to be very stable over time, so you can always count on a safe value for your savings.

    The process of buying and selling gold coins at Adeler Joyeros offers you an evaluation of the pieces with a free appraisal. Contact buyers of gold coins and bullion for easy management without losing money.

    Thinking of selling gold coins? Adeler Jewelers offers you its advice and offers with free coin appraisals and incredible benefits:

    • Free jewelry appraisal
    • Jewelry buying and selling process without intermediaries
    • instant money
    • The best advice
    Selling coins and bullion

    Sell or buy gold bullion

    Selling or buying gold bullion does not have to be complex, at Adeler Jewelers we offer professional and reliable services to help you buy or sell your gold coins and bullion with ease.

    This includes picking up the gold directly from the customer and delivering it at no additional cost. Our team will take care of all the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.


    Buying Coins and Bullion in Spain

    At Adeler Jewelers, we strive to ensure that our customers get the best price when buying or selling gold coins and bullion. Our team of experts evaluates each item to ensure the highest quality and security in the sale and purchase of gold coins.

      Reasons to buy or sell in coins and bars

      Have you ever thought about selling gold coins or bullion? If you’re confused, here are a few reasons why you should choose the jewelry market to get the most value for them:

      Speed of transaction
      Gold coins and bullion are a fast and efficient way to obtain immediate cash flow. Depending on where you sell, you can have the money in your pocket before noon.

      Get the best price
      At Adeler Joyeros we offer you the best coin appraisal for free, so by selling your coins to a professional, you will be sure to get the best possible price. As a business that specializes in buying and selling jewelry, we know exactly how much your coin or bar is worth, so as a result, you will get a fair price.


      Selling gold bullion and precious coins to a professional guarantees that the transaction will be secure. The professional will take all necessary measures to ensure that your money is protected, as well as the precious items being exchanged.

      What is the value of gold coins?

      The price of a gold coin depends on the weight, content and purity of the metal.

      Most coins are made of a gold alloy composed of 91.6% pure gold. This alloy is known as “22 karat gold”. The most common coins range in price from $50 to $100, while some can be much more expensive.

      Although prices may vary, the overall value of a gold coin is basically the same for all coins. This is because the price of the metal is generally the same worldwide.

      Therefore, if you buy a gold coin in Spain, you can sell it for a similar price anywhere else in the world. This consistency makes it easy for investors to buy and sell currencies with ease.

      Types and models of best-selling coins and ingots

      Investing in gold coins is also relatively safe due to the constant demand for this precious metal. Although the price of gold fluctuates daily, its long-term value has remained stable for generations and it remains an attractive asset for conservative investors.

      In this way, the types and models have changed the form of presentation, but still maintain their value. Some of the best sellers are:

      • Yellow Gold
      • White Gold
      • Rose Gold
      • Gold rhodium-plated
      • Silver
      • Sempsa Ingots
      • Argor-Heraus ingots
      • Valcambi Combibar ingots
      • Pamp Ingots
      • Pesetas
      • Pounds
      • Chieftains
      • Lynx
      • Krugerrand.
      • American Eagle
      • American Buffalo
      • Dollars
      • Chinese Lunar Year
      • Britannia
      • Philharmonic
      • Canadian Maple Leaf
      Silver Coins

      What do we offer you at Adeler Joyeros?


      Free professional appraisal

      Gold coins and bullion should have the best estimate, in order to be competently priced. At Adeler Jewelers we aim to examine the qualities of gold coins and bullion:

      • Materials
      • Brand and model.
      • Exclusiveness
      • Complications
      • Year.

      In order to ensure a smooth buying and selling process, the appraisal of necklaces is professional and free of charge.


      Secure sale and purchase

      We avoid anything that may generate doubts, our buying and selling process is intended to be transparent. In order to offer customers the best services, without intermediaries or illegal operations.
      Your money will be available instantly, after the negotiation is completed.


      We want to see you satisfied

      We think about you, and what you want. That’s why we provide a beneficial buying and selling experience. So that you can earn a good cash compensation after the sale of gold coins and bars

      • Credit Suisse gold bullion
      • Gold bullion Ohio Precious Metals
      • Gold bullion NTR Metals
      • Lynx
      • Krugerrand
      • Peso Mexico
      • Libra
      • Pesetas
      • American Eagle
      • American Buffalo
      • Britannia
      • Philharmonic
      • Canadian Maple Leaf
      • Royal Canadian Mint gold bullion
      • The Perth Mint Gold Bullion
      • Argor-Heraeus gold bars
      • APMEX gold bullion
      • Valcambi Suisse gold bars
      • Johnson Matthey Gold Bullion
      • Degussa gold bullion