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    Buy and sell rings with Adeler Joyeros safely and easily.

    A ring is a symbolic, representative and beautiful piece, which can have a lot of value: both emotional and economic. Selling high-end rings for the highest profit should be done in specialized stores such as Adeler Jewelers.

    With us you can get great prices and free antique jewelry appraisals in Madrid!

    Adeler Joyeros is the best option to sell wedding rings or high-end rings throughout Spain. We offer you speed in the process of buying and selling rings and security in each transaction.

    Just contact us and send us the specifications of your ring to learn about our antique jewelry appraisal options.

    We buy your ring anywhere in Spain

    Are you thinking of selling your wedding ring? We can help you in the process so that you get the best benefits when selling your high end ring or gold ring in Spain. You can get:

    • Secure and fast negotiation
    • Free jewelry appraisal
    • Buying and selling process without intermediaries
    • instant money
    • Immediate advice

    Is it a good idea to buy or sell rings?

    It is normal to hesitate before selling a high-end ring, whether it is a wedding, graduation or luxury brand ring. However, buying and selling rings in Spain is a profitable and very safe business.


    high-end rings are very easy to buy and sell, because they are the most traded jewelry in Spain. That’s why selling high-end jewelry is a very profitable business!

    Gold rings, silver rings or rings encrusted with diamonds are sold to the highest bidder and, for a great profit!

    At Adeler Jewelers, we offer you the best valuation of your high-end rings so that you can get the best economic benefit from them.


    If your gold ring is an exclusive item, both in design and other product features, collectors are looking for exclusive, luxurious rings and unique designs!

    With Adeler Jewelers you can sell antique, luxury or collector’s rings, we assure you that you will have the highest economic benefit for them! This translates into a large sum of money from the sale of your high-end garment.


    When selling a ring, at Adeler Joyeros we have a 100% safe and reliable process. We offer you the advice of professional experts in the free appraisal of jewelry in Madrid.

    In addition, our negotiations do not include intermediaries, we have a fast process and we deliver your money instantly!

    How do I know if my ring is valuable?

    High-end jewelry is very valuable! In the market, if you want to sell a high-end ring you must value it and appraise it. But do you want to know how to recognize if your ring is valuable? There are a few ways to find out!

    First and foremost, you can turn to specialists like us! We can appraise the setting, the setting, the carat of the ring and guarantee that it is an original and valuable piece. Likewise, from home you can try certain strategies, such as observing the mount and checking the seal with the initials of K, PT or CZ.

    Also, with the help of magnifying glasses, you will be able to notice that the gems and diamonds have slight imperfections and color changes. In case of diamonds, the refraction of light is the most noticeable sign of a ring.

    However, we suggest you go to Adeler Jewelers, we will perform a free and professional appraisal of your ring! You will be able to sell one wedding ring or another.

    Get a free appraisal of your jewelry in Madrid and other parts of Spain with Adeler Joyeros!

    The most expensive ring in the world

    In the public sphere, we are used to seeing celebrities with beautiful, high-end rings, and of course, of great monetary value! But, there is a ring that since 1999 has been valued as the most expensive jewel in history. It is the “Pink Star Ring”.

    It’s the most expensive piece of jewelry ever sold!

    In 2017, this ring was auctioned by the prestigious Sotheby’s house in Hong Kong, sold anonymously for 60.5 million euros. The “Pink Star” ring is a work of art, received the best grade in color and diamond quality, has 59.60 carats and 2.69 x 2.06 centimeters, free of impurities.

    The deep pink diamond ring was made by De Beers, a company that deals with the mining, cutting and sale of jewelry. It is said that the original diamond had a volume of 132.50 carats, it took almost 2 years to become the most expensive pink stone and ring in the world.

    Sell ring, high-end valuable ring

    What types of rings are most commercial?

    The most commercial types of rings are those that symbolize union and relationships, i.e.; promise rings, engagement rings and of course, wedding rings.

    Likewise, luxurious rings are very commercial, because of how perfect they are to give an elegant touch to every occasion. Each high-end ring has a unique and beautiful charm that manifests success, harmony and delicacy.

    For this reason, if you want to sell your wedding ring or some high-end rings, in Adeler Joyeros we recommend you to go to any of our stores and make the free appraisal that only we offer.

    • Gold rings
    • White gold rings
    • Silver rings
    • Rings with brilliant or diamond setting
    • Ring with inlaid gemstones
    • Engagement rings, for the wedding proposal
    • Wedding rings to carry out your wedding
    • Eternity ring, to celebrate an anniversary
    • Tiffany & co

    • chanell

    • Dior

    • Louis Vuitton

    • Cartier

    • Tous

    • Nicol’s

    • Chopard

    • Aristocrazy

    • Van Cleef & Arpels

    What do we offer you at Adeler Joyeros?


    Valuation of jewelry

    High-end rings have the best estimation and price in the market. We will conduct a detailed review of the piece you bring us, examining its characteristics, luxury brands, mounting, appearance of the ring and much more.

    After a free appraisal of your jewelry, the experts at Adeler Jewelers will offer you the highest amount for the value of your piece.


    Security of purchase and sale

    You have nothing to worry about! At Adeler Joyeros we take care of a very safe buying and selling process: transparent, without wasting time, without risks of illegal operations and with instant money.


    Efficient service

    We offer a quality service, where you will get the best benefits in the sale of your rings. We care about providing a satisfactory experience, where you can feel comfortable and safe at all times.

    Personalized attention and advice

    In Adeler Jewelers we are interested in buying diamond rings, gold rings, silver rings and rings with precious gems; just contact us via WhatsApp and give us all the information about your ring to get our professional advice.

    You can also fill out our form and our team will be willing to contact you for advice.

    Remember that, at Adeler Joyeros, we offer you security at all times, free jewelry appraisals in Madrid and the highest offer for your rings.

    Get the best experience to sell and buy high-end precious rings or jewelry!

    Ask for your personalized advice without obligation!

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