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With Adeler Jewelers you will have a safe and beneficial experience of buying and selling antique or modern jewelry. We assure you an excellent appraisal.

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    Safe and comfortable jewelry sales and purchases

    Luxury, elegance, precious stones are more than mere business, instead, it is an investment, that’s why investing in jewelry will help you find stability and financial liquidity. If you are thinking about how to sell jewelry, be it rings, tiaras, necklaces or watches, you have come to the right place.

    In Adeler Joyeros, we want to offer you the best experience in buying and selling jewelry in Spain, with the help of an expert team you can get the best solutions to sell that ring, watch, necklace with the best valuation and without losing money.

    The process of buying and selling jewelry is quick and easy, so you can sell your antique or high-end jewelry without having to worry about unnecessary problems. We are here to help you find the best possible price for your jewelry, offering you professional advice every step of the way.



    Buy Metals and precious stones in Spain

    Where to sell my antique or high-end jewelry? How can I invest in jewelry or a collection? At Adeler Joyeros, our goal is to help customers like you find the best benefits when selling or buying jewelry in Spain:


    • Fast cash
    • No intermediaries
    • Negotiations in a short time
    • Trained and authorized personnel

      Why buy and sell jewelry?

      If you are interested in selling or buying some antique or modern jewelry, you should know some reasons to consider before buying or selling, here we will tell you some of them.

      Make extra money by selling jewelry

      First of all, selling your jewelry can be a great way to get extra cash. This is especially true if the jewelry is antique or inherited, as it can have a great value that many jewelry buyers are willing to pay for.

      If you have gone to local jewelry stores to evaluate the price of your jewelry, you may have noticed that they offer you a very low price. So where to sell jewelry? With Adeler Joyeros you can get a good valuation and appraisal when selling your jewelry.

      Jewelry is a product in demand

      Another reason to consider selling my jewelry is the presence of jewelry buyers interested in acquiring precious objects such as these. Jewelry is a garment and product in constant demand, especially antique or modern jewelry, often purchased by collectors and lovers of artistic beauty.

      Expand your investment portfolio

      Investing in jewelry allows you to expand your portfolio and diversify your financial situation, which facilitates higher income in the long term. Buying and selling antique and high-end jewelry is a benefit for both jewelry buyers and those who decide to sell their jewelry. precious.

      As you can see, there are several reasons why you should consider selling your precious and valuable jewelry. By selling your antique or modern jewelry with Adeler Jewelers you will be able to get the best price for your precious objects.


      Is it profitable to sell jewelry?

      If you are wondering: Where to sell jewelry? You should know that in Spain many collectors and jewelry lovers do not mind spending large sums to acquire a ring, chain, tiara, among others.

      Jewelry made with minerals and precious stones such as gold, silver, diamond, stainless steel, are durable, elegant, beautiful accessories that always remain in force, especially in Spain.

      Selling jewelry can be extremely profitable if the necessary steps are taken to get the best possible return. That is why at Adeler Joyeros we offer you the best valuation of your high-end jewelry, to avoid underestimating or overestimating the products.

      With our help you will be able to sell a ring or chain successfully, and make a profitable profit. And even invest in jewelry with ease.

      What type of jewelry sells the most?

      Adeler Joyeros is the best option for buying and selling antique jewelry, we are specialized in evaluating the quality, value, history, brands and designs of the piece. Experience in the market helps us to recognize that the best-selling jewelry in Spain are those with unique designs and significant value.

      That is, jewelry made of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and other precious stones. Also, rings containing organic gems such as mother of pearl, beads and beads. Many jewelry buyers also choose to invest in bracelets and necklaces with noble metals such as gold and silver.

      Jewelry shoppers often seek jewelry for its symbolic meaning, engagement rings are a perfect example. Undoubtedly, rings are the most sold item in Spain, as they represent love and commitment.

      In this way, if you have a jewel with precious stones or noble material with significant or even historical value, you can sell it at the best price with us.

      Sell Gold and red heart jewelry

      How to sell my gold ring?

      One of the most frequently asked questions is how to sell jewelry. Adeler Jewelers is the ideal place to sell your jewelry. We offer you a purchase and sale of jewelry without intermediaries and insecurities, we are the best option to value your jewelry, whether they are: engagement rings or high-end.

      You only have to contact us or fill in the form, sending the characteristics of the product. By contacting us you will receive our proposals and evaluations of your ring, to make it competitive in the market.

      Appraisals are free of charge after a review of the jewelry. Indeed, gold rings or rings with applique and inlays are a hit, as are the following jewels:

      • Crown
      • Watches

      • Bracelets

      • Stamps

      • Bracelets

      • Cartier
      • Chopard
      • Damiani
      • Graff
      Selling jewelry, how to sell my gold ring

      Why should you prefer our services?


      Free appraisal

      Your jewelry and watches will be evaluated by trained personnel who will take into consideration important aspects such as: Brand and design. Exclusivity, functions, age, condition of the jewel.

      In order to objectively qualify every detail and estimate the jewelry at the best price. After the review the appraisal will be free of charge.


      Safety and experience

      At Adeler Joyeros you can sell your jewelry with the utmost security, our experience has allowed our customers to get their money without delay and without wasting time with intermediaries, or run the risk of illegal transactions.

      We present a buying and selling process that is agile, secure and convenient for you. Request your quote with us and we will provide you with the best offer.



      Trust Adeler Joyeros to provide you with the best price for your pieces and offer you the best possible services.

      For us, the win-win concept is present in all buying and selling processes, in order to achieve customer satisfaction.

      We are interested in you and you matter, that’s why we want to offer the most convenient prices in the market.

      We buy your jewelry at the best price

      Sell my jewelry in Adeler Jewelers is very easy and safe, we are interested in buying necklaces, rings, earrings, crowns, watches, sparkling jewelry.

      We offer you security and free appraisals. Likewise, jewelry buyers will find benefits in investing in precious jewelry and watches.

      Just contact us, specify your model and we will start evaluating and providing the best offers. Remember, if you want to buy a specific jewel you can consult without obligation


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