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What are the best options for selling and buying gemstones in Madrid?


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    Precious stones purchase and sale

    Buying and selling gemstones is not a complicated process if you follow some basic tips that Adeler Joyeros offers you. First of all, you must determine what type of gemstone you have or wish to acquire.

    In the Spanish market the stones have a great value, the buyers of precious stones are willing the fair value. Since each gemstone has its own it is important to evaluate the different prices before making a decision.

    Selling precious stones in Madrid at the best price is possible with Adeler Joyeros, we have experience in the market and offer competitive and transparent prices.

    Buying gemstones in Spain with free appraisal

    Do you want precious stones? Adeler Jewelers offers you its advice and offers with appraisal of precious stones, and incredible benefits:

    • Free jewelry appraisal
    • Buying and selling process without intermediaries
    • instant money
    • The best advice

    Reasons to Buy and Sell Gemstones

    The buying and selling of precious stones is a stable business in Spain, buyers of accurate stones will be happy to acquire a beautiful piece. But if you are still not sure about the sale we can mention some reasons:

    Obtain a constant flow of income

    Gemstones are unique and precious, which means they can be sold at high prices. If you sell your gemstones you will get a large steady stream of income.

    Your money is safe

    The purchase and sale of gemstones is a very safe business. There is no financial risk in selling them, as their value will remain constant or even increase over time. This means that your money is safe and you will have no trouble getting it back if the economy takes a downturn.

    It is easy to sell them

    The sale of gemstones in Madrid and the rest of Spain are simple and easy. You can do it online with Adeler Joyeros. If you decide to sell them online, there are many benefits to selling your jewelry or gemstones and finding potential buyers.

    Competitive prices

    At Adeler Jewelers we value your gemstones at the best price and propose attractive offers for your gemstones. This helps you to get the best results and profits when selling your gemstones in Spain.

    What gemstones can be sold?

    Gemstones have increased in popularity in recent years and have become an increasingly common trend. From rings to necklaces, these jewels are used to give the look a touch of sparkle and beauty.

    We present you the gemstones that you can sell at the best price in Madrid or all over Spain:

    • Ruby: Ruby is a deep red gemstone known for its luxury and longevity. Ruby always looks stunning.
    • Sapphire: Sapphire is a brilliant blue gemstone known to be the gem of friendship and lasting love.
    • Amber: Amber is a unique and beautiful organic gemstone known for its golden or orange hues. It is made of millenary fossilized resin and even contains insects buried inside it, which makes it even more interesting and unique.
    • Emerald: Emerald is a beautiful vibrant green stone. The color green is said to symbolize balance between mind and body, as well as harmony between Nature and humans.

    How to know the value of a gemstone?

    To sell gemstones in Madrid you must know the value of it, for this you can consult in Adeler Jewelers offer you a free appraisal. You can also know the value of gemstones at home by paying attention to the color.

    High-value gemstones have a vibrant, saturated color, whether it is a brilliant white, pink or crystal blue. In addition, other factors are taken into account, such as

    • Characteristics and condition of the gemstone.
    • Hardness
    • Carat
    • Strength and durability
    • Antique or historical character
    Sell Gemstone

    Buying gemstones in Spain

    The purchase of gemstones in Madrid and Spain, guarantees a flow of income, an investment that aims to stabilize our economy. If you want to invest your money one of the best ways is to buy precious stones of great value.

    The value of gemstones usually remains stable, due to their characteristics that give them an advantage in the market. If you are a gemstone buyer at Adeler Jewelers we offer professional and reliable services to help you buy or sell.

    Our team will take care of all the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. Buyers can rest assured that they will always get the best deal thanks to our comprehensive market review.

    We are aware of the real value of gemstones. We are committed to our customers to offer them the best possible service in all their transactions.

    The most sought after gemstones are:

    • Diamonds
    • Esmeralda
    • Rubi
    • Sapphire
    • Red Diamonds
    • Yellow Diamonds
    • Blue Diamonds
    • Green Diamonds
    • Diamonds Coffee
    • Black Diamonds
    • Pink Diamonds
    • Transparent Diamonds

    Why choose us?


    Best price estimate

    Your gemstones are in the best hands, we will assign the best price in the market so that you get a monetary sum of great value after the sale of the gemstone. To achieve this, we will perform an exhaustive review to estimate the price. Appraisals are paid at 100% after review.


    Fast buying and selling process

    A fast and secure process, you won’t have to worry about how long it will take to get your money, it will be as fast as possible. Without wasting money, time or falling into illegal transactions or scams.


    We think of you

    We think about you and the benefits you can get after selling your gemstones, we will offer you the best proposals and prices for the gemstone. We want you to feel satisfied throughout the whole process.

    Receive an offer for the purchase and sale of gemstones

    We are interested in buying your gemstones at the best price, just contact us by phone, instant messaging WhatsApp or filling out the form and our team will be happy to assist and advise you.

    Remember that at Adeler Joyeros we want to offer you security, free appraisals and the best experience to sell and buy gemstones. Request your personalized advice without obligation.

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