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Undoubtedly, Chanel is a fashion reference around the world. This is because, more than a trend, Chanel watches reflect a lifestyle. And this is a reality! Each of Chanel’s great ideas has marked a turning point in society.

Always irreverent with its proposals, Chanel does not limit itself to dressing well. While the Chanel Nro. 5 is a legend, the brand has also ventured into high-end accessories and watches that have added immeasurable value to its name.

The approach of Chanel watches is based on functionality, emancipation and comfort. Features can be admired, especially in every Chanel women’s watch on the market.

At Adeler Joyeros we have experts who specialize in appraising high-value pieces, so you can sell Chanel with confidence! It will always be necessary for you to set the chanel watch price correctly, so you will avoid losing money in the negotiation and we will always pay you the highest rate in the market!

Sell Chanel

History of Chanel, originality as a key

Founded by Gabrielle Chanel, better known as Coco Chanel, the French fashion house was conceived to design and manufacture luxury goods, among which haute couture clothing would stand out.

With the passing of the years and the fashion revolution, Chanel expanded its product portfolio to include handbags, make-up, perfumes and jewelry. Being the Chanel line of high-end women’s watches the most sold and requested; thanks to its elegance, class and originality.

Coco Chanel had the ability to adapt, or rather, to anticipate the needs of the market. A quality that made her the creative mind behind the brand until the day she died, and allowed her to sell Chanel to the world!

It would not be until 1987 that Chanel would venture into the world of watchmaking, giving rise to the most sought-after Chanel women’s watch in history: the Chanel Première model with octagonal case.

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Chanel Premiére Watch & Chanel Watch j12

The Chanel Première watch was different from all other watches previously made for women. These turned out to be a copy of men’s watches, but in a smaller dimension or with few differentiating elements; therefore, they were considered “jewelry”.

The Première model had a rectangular design and blunt angles, which maintained the stylistic codes defined by Coco Chanel; and was presented in the iconic colors: black and white.

By 1999, Chanel would earn its place in the history of watch manufacturers, presenting a watch that would lay the groundwork for what was called “the first revolution in the watchmaking world in the 21st century“.

Challenging the gender norms established since ancient times, Chanel would bring to market the Chanel j12 watch, a unisex watch with a sporty air that would soon become a success. Selling Chanel j12 was easy, as it quickly gained popularity, and in its next versions complications such as moon phases and chronographs would be added to its design.

Which Chanel watches do we buy at Adeler Joyeros?

At Adeler Jewelers we are very interested in ladies Chanel watches, men Chanel watches or unisex Chanel watches that belong to any of these groups:

  1. Watches with Manufacture Movement: watches whose movements are exquisite and are at the service of elegance.
  2. Métiers d’Art Watches: the line that showcases the artistic crafts of jewelry and couture.
  3. Watches set with precious stones: such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies and other gems.

If you wish to sell a Chanel from the Chanel J12, Chanel Première, Chanel Boy Friend, Chanel Code Coco, Chanel Madeimoselle Privé and Chanel Monsieur collections, contact us!

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