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Jaeger LeCoultre, or JLC, is a high-end watch manufacture whose legacy includes the creation of 1,200 calibers and more than 400 patents. They are the creators of the keyless watch and the first instrument with the ability to measure microns! Among other great feats.

To own a Jaeger LeCoultre watch is to own a unique piece of watchmaking, each watch made in the Maison de Vallée de Joux in Switzerland is a reflection of the quality, precision and aesthetic beauty that characterizes the brand.

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Jaeger-LeCoultre, the history of the greatest inventions

Jaeger-LeCoultre is one of the most iconic watch brands in the Swiss watch industry. It was founded in 1833 by Antoine LeCoultre in Le Sentier, in the Joux Valley of Switzerland.

In just a few years, in 1844, LeCoultre shocked the world by creating the millionometer, an instrument capable of measuring in microns, boosting the company’s reputation and allowing it to grow enormously.

In 1907, the company began working with Edmond Jaeger, a renowned French watch manufacturer, which led to the creation of some of the most accurate and slim watches in the world.

In 1929, this watchmaker built a miniature Duoplan movement and thus was born the Caliber 101, a smaller hand-wound caliber. The collaboration between Jaeger and LeCoultre continued for decades, and in 1937 the two companies merged to create the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand.

During World War II, the Jaeger LeCoultre brand was dedicated to selling JLC for the armed forces. After the war, the company focused again on the production of high quality watches, and in the following years launched some of the most famous watches in the world; such as the Reverso, the Memovox and the Atmos.

In 1958 they launched a robust model capable of defying magnetic disturbances with the Geophysic chronometer.

Today, Jaeger LeCoultre remains one of the most recognized and respected brands in the world of watchmaking, surprising with its avant-garde models, artistic designs and perfect mechanisms. Its watches are appreciated by connoisseurs for their precision, quality and beauty.

Sell JLC Watch

Do you want to sell a JLC at a good price? Know its characteristics

It is easy to determine the price of Jaeger LeCoultre watches, because they are known for their quality, precision and aesthetic beauty. We will introduce you to some of its features, those that make selling JLC especially profitable:

  1. High-quality movements: Jaeger LeCoultre is known for being one of the few Swiss watch brands to manufacture its own in-house movements. This means that every detail of the internal mechanisms has been designed and developed in-house, ensuring the highest quality and precision in their watches.
  2. Innovative design: Jaeger LeCoultre is known for its creativity and innovative design. Many of their exclusive designs have become iconic timepieces; such as the JLC Reverso watch, which is recognized for its elegant double face and allows the case to be rotated to protect the watch face.
  3. High-end complications: JLC watches often have additional features; such as chronographs, perpetual calendars, moon and sun phase functions, among others.
  4. High quality manufacturing: Each Jaeger LeCoultre watch is handmade, from design to construction; using high quality materials such as white and pink gold, platinum and diamonds.
  5. Legacy: JLC is a brand with a history rooted in the Swiss watchmaking tradition. They have a great respect for history and craftsmanship, which is seen in both their designs and their manufacturing.

These are the JLC models we are interested in!

If you are interested in selling JLC, you should know that we are interested in all Jaeger LeCoultre watches. Regardless of model, year and condition, even if your watch is not brand new, you can still sell it!

Because we have experts who specialize in the appraisal of high-end watches, we can tell you what the market price of your Jaeger LeCoultre watch is and pay you the highest rate. We offer direct treatment, qualified advice and fast negotiations.

No matter if you have a JLC ladies’ watch or a JLC men’s watch, we are interested in the Reverso, Rendez Vous and Master collections. You can also bring your JLC Master Ultra-Thin Moon, JLC Reverso Classic Lady Small Duetto, Memovox Deep Sea Master Chronograph, a Jaeger LeCoultre Rendez-Vous Moon… We are interested in all of them!

If you do not have any of the aforementioned models, you can consult us in the same way. We probably want it too!

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