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Selling a watch in Algete today is good business.

If you are going to sell a watch in Algete you will be faced with some low proposals if you don’t really know the correct appraisal of your watch.

Often customers tell us cases in which watchmakers in Algete, buying and selling houses or independents who publish on free internet portals offer a proposal of 50% or less than ours.

That’s why we are confident that every deal we make is the best deal for our customers when selling watches in Algete.

The key to all this is our more than 20 years of experience in the field, which allows us to appraise the watch in a totally objective way, whatever the model or high-end brand.

Appraisal of watch in Algete totally free, do not go to a watch shop in Algete to sell second hand watch without consulting with us first. We recommend you, appraise high-end watch for free with us without losing anything and listen to our fair value proposition.

At Adeler Joyeros we provide you with the best tools and contacts to perform a free high-end watch appraisal so you win.

Buying high-end watches in Spain

Sell cartier tank watch in Algete

Want to sell a watch for cash and make money?

If you have a high-end watch in Algete is your chance.

The catalog of possibilities of high-end watches that you can sell us is wide, we handle all brands and models, old and second hand.

If you have in your hands a watch in good condition that you want to sell, it is worth more than you think, listen to our proposal.

The watch appraisal in Algete is free, get advice from our professionals before visiting a watch shop in Algete and then appreciate our recommendation.

Selling Cartier, Omega or other watches is already a good business in Algete.

Don’t miss it, contact our professionals.

Appraisal of used watches and clocks in Algete

Adeler Jewelers can help you throughout the process, know the identity and details of the watch you have.

We are transparent and love to meet antique watches, our vision is that customers get the right price for what the watch is worth.

A watch can be priced from thousands to millions of Euros so there is no limit to the money you can make with us if you really have an interesting watch, get a free appraisal and subsequent fair business proposal.

Selling used watches in Algete is a great business today.

Don’t lose anything, ask us!

History of Rolex in great world personalities

Eddie Murphy’s Rolex President and his brilliant passion for eccentricity marked a personality that was flamboyant and zany, especially for show business and worldly art.

A good way to crown your success with a glorious watch brand, worthy of excellence.

American actor Steve McQueen with his beloved Rolex Submariner perfect with his gallant image, a watch that is mostly discreet to the naked eye, but the bottom of his heart is nothing less than a great Rolex model.

Timothy Dalton allowed the Rolex Submariner to enter his life and his successful career, this British actor really had good taste in luxury accessories.

Perfect for formal or casual wear, the Submariner model was able to accompany him in his success and continues to accompany him.

Custom Rolex celebrity watches

Cristiano Ronaldo arriving at a Dubai conference with his white gold and diamond Rolex. GMT Master Ice tailored to the brilliant soccer player and professional in the world of high performance success.

Truly his eccentric tastes are worthy of his personality, the reward of a brutal discipline since he was young he never stopped training and his performance went from strength to strength to such an extent that today he is doing wonderfully and can continue playing soccer or sports for years to come.

A life of luxury, what better to accompany it with a Rolex.

In Adeler Joyeros awaits you with its brilliant proposal of free appraisal of your watch and a lot of energy to give you as much information as possible about your watch, what you do not know or have doubts perhaps our professionals based on their experience can clear quickly, do not miss the opportunity to sell your watch in Algete.

Sell Omega Seamaster watch in Algete

What watches can they sell us?

We appraise any high-end watch you can imagine, all of them are unique and special for us and for you.

Just ask about the make or model whatever it is, if it is second hand or old it may have a great value that you don’t know. Listen to our proposal and analyze the possibility of selling your watch for cash and make money fast.

We buy Rolex watches

Rolex has a wide variety of models including:


  • Day Date
  • President
  • Sky Dweller
  • datejust
  • Oyster Perpetual
  • pearl master
  • Daytona
  • cosmography
  • Newman
  • submariner
  • Sea Dweller
  • deep sea
  • GMTMaster
  • GMT Master 2
  • Pepsi
  • Batman
  • Coke
  • Yachtmaster
  • explorer
  • Milgaus
  • Air King and Rolex Cellini

Did we miss any of them? Just let us know.

In Adeler Joyeros we have experts in Rolex watches and we can advise you at the time of sale.

You can sell your used Rolex from anywhere in Spain. If you are interested in knowing how much does your Rolex cost? Just write to us.