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    Cartier and its most recent launches.

    One of the most prestigious watchmaking houses worldwide and with an incalculable asset in its favor, delights us with new models. We know that Cartier is a symbol of elegance and are the ladies’ favorite. Who doesn’t want a Cartier?

    Recently, it has presented the new models that we will be enjoying this year and that will surely become a trend. There is much to discover about the new Normale de Cartier, here are some of its most notable features.

    Its materials in yellow gold is the basic version of the new Normale, but the model that stands out above the yellow gold is the platinum model. Vintage platinum Normale are coveted at auction and are the best valued on the market.

    Its platinum design is the most popular among the many, which has stood out this season. Cartier has added some special details to this version, which distinguish it from other Tank models.

    For example, the hands: most Tank models have blue-toned hands, but the Normale has polished gray steel hands. Most Tank have a cabochon, that gem that protrudes from the sapphire crown.

    The ruby of the platinum Normale makes it instantly recognizable, thanks to a nice shade of red always seems to indicate something special in the world of watchmaking.


    Buying high-end watches in Spain

    gold rolex castile and leon

    Why do ladies prefer Cartier?

    The world enjoys great watchmaking houses of great renown, style, quality and exclusivity. But there are brands that are the undisputed favorite of the ladies and that is Cartier.

    But why do they like them so much? Cartier is one of the most elegant watch brands in the world and its opulence does not go unnoticed, thanks to its designs that look like royalty. in addition to having delicate, but no less elegant models.

    It is also part of the great Hollywood community and great artistic influences do not fail to include them in their outfits. Besides being part of a great fashion accessory, which should not be left out.

    The price? Undoubtedly the price or what makes it special, it is an expensive, exclusive watch that denotes presence. So it is not surprising that ladies want to be the center of attention when they wear a Cartier on their wrist.


    Sell your Cartier in Burgos with Adeler Joyeros.

    Our Cartier catalog is quite wide, in turn characterized by models that can cost from thousands to millions of Euros. Including old and second-hand models that are optimally maintained.

    In Adeler Joyeros we help you to appraise your Cartier, no matter where you are in Spain, just contact us. If you want to make the sale with us, you will save a lot of time because you will not have to deal with intermediaries who also pretend to place your piece well below the fair value.

    Celebrities who wear Cartier.

    A great personality and influential person not only in fame, but also in politics is Michelle Obama. She is one of the ladies symbol of female empowerment par excellence.

    She is a lawyer and wife of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. One of the watches with which he was most often seen at the White House was the Cartier Tank, one of the icons of modern watchmaking, which appeals to the excellence of watchmaking and geometric rigor, true to the original concept of its creator, Louis Cartier.

    Cartier watches have become a true emblem of elegance and sophistication. They have been used by major celebrities such as Angelina Jolie and Antoine Griezmann.

    Cartier has also dressed acting celebrities at the famed Oscar Awards. It is always present among ladies and gentlemen looking to add sophistication to their outfits on a gala night like this. Being one of the watch and jewelry houses preferred by celebrities.


    How much can I get for a Cartier?

    At Adeler Joyeros you can sell your luxury or high-end Cartier watch at the best market rate, with a free professional appraisal and without any obligation. We are qualified to offer the best price in the market, as we seek to offer an effective remuneration that meets the needs of our customers and go according to the high-end watches they wish to sell.

    Rolex watch

    What Rolex watches can you sell us?

    From a gold Rolex Daytona with diamonds to a Rolex Datejust, you can really sell any model you have because at Adeler Joyeros we buy all Rolex watches.

    We are aware that Rolex is the number 1 watchmaker in the world and therefore we offer the highest value for your watch.

    We buy Rolex watches

    Rolex has a wide variety of models including:


    • Day Date
    • President
    • Sky Dweller
    • datejust
    • Oyster Perpetual
    • pearl master
    • Daytona
    • cosmography
    • Newman
    • submariner
    • Sea Dweller
    • deep sea
    • GMTMaster
    • GMT Master 2
    • Pepsi
    • Batman
    • Coke
    • Yachtmaster
    • explorer
    • Milgaus
    • Air King and Rolex Cellini

    Did we miss mentioning any? Just let us know.

    At Adeler Joyeros we have experts in Rolex watches and we can advise you at the time of sale.

    You can sell your second-hand Rolex from anywhere in Spain, if you are interested in knowing how much your Rolex costs? you just have to write to us.