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    If you wish to have your luxury watch appraised in Dos Hermanas, Adeler Joyeros is your fastest and safest option!

    Most likely you have heard many times of some high-end watch brands such as Rolex, Hublot, Cartier or other; but perhaps you don’t know what their popularity is due to. And it is that these watches owe their fame to the number of outstanding features that make their brand unique.

    Features such as versatility, elegance, quality and luxury are symbols of prestige and success. This allows each piece to become a highly coveted object. You can use this to your advantage! You can quickly sell your high-end watch to buyers who collect this type of watch, but be careful, not all of them are reliable.

    If you come to Adeler Joyeros, one of the most prestigious jewelry stores in Dos Hermanas, we will appraise your watch for free. We have a lot of experience in the field, we have specialized professionals and we have the necessary tools to carry out our work efficiently.

    Buying high-end watches in Spain

    Sell Cartier Santos ladies watch in Dos Hermanas

    With our appraisal in Dos Hermanas, you will get more money than in the sales and purchases.

    Caution when buying gold should always be present, no different when we want to make the appraisal in Dos Hermanas to sell a high-end watch. As we have told you before, you can’t trust just anyone, private individual or buyer/seller.

    Rolex is synonymous with prestige, luxury and quality, but not everyone knows how to appreciate it. Therefore, if you have a Rolex in your hands, it is best to take it to the expert hands of Adeler Jewelers if you wish to sell it.

    If you come to Adeler Jewelers, we will perform the appraisal free of charge, quickly and reliably. It’s very simple and won’t take you long!

    Don’t forget it! Put your watch in the right hands and earn more money with us.

    Appraisal in Dos Hermanas

    There is a great variety of Rolex models, each of them with an implicit value, some models can go from thousands to millions of euros. However, for Adeler Joyeros this is not a limit, nor is the place where you are located.

    If you wish to have your Rolex watch appraised in Dos Hermanas with us, we promise you will not have to deal with intermediaries. In addition, your profit will be fair and the highest we can offer you, because we will give you the real value of your watch.

    So you won’t waste time or money!

    The No. 1 watch brand in the world: Rolex

    When you talk about high-end watches the first one you think of is Rolex, but why?

    Simple, since its inception, Rolex marked in humanity a change in the field of watchmaking. Known in its beginnings as “Wilsdorf & Davis”, it was two years later that its founders registered the Rolex trademark.

    Its impact was from the beginning, in 1926, Mercedes Gleitze, a professional swimmer, used the Oyster model to cross the English Channel and it did not suffer any damage. Rolex proved that its model was truly watertight, and no dust or water could enter it.

    This was presented as a proof of the brand’s reliability and quality, but beyond that, it also left another clear message: Rolex would be linked from then on to the world’s most successful people in sports, politics, art and cinema.

    Big personalities wear Rolex watches

    Rolex watches have been presented as a symbol of success, wealth, quality and elegance; an issue that does not fail to be perceived by those who every day prove to be persevering in the areas to which they are dedicated.

    Some of the personalities who have not hesitated to buy a Rolex have been:

    • British actor David Oyelowo.
    • The soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo.
    • President John F. Kennedy.
    • Actor Dennis Hopper

    Highly recognized people worldwide who have provided greater value to the brand. If you want to sell or buy a Rolex model, we recommend you to turn to the experts in appraisal in Dos Hermanas.

    Sell omega seamaster watch in Dos Hermanas

    Which Rolex watches do we buy?

    As we have mentioned, there is a great variety of Rolex models and that is not a limitation for us. So, whatever model you have at home and want to sell, you can bring it immediately for appraisal in Dos Hermanas.

    Some of the models worked on are the following:

    • Day Date
    • President
    • Sky Dweller
    • datejust
    • Oyster Perpetual
    • pearl master
    • Daytona
    • cosmography
    • Newman
    • submariner
    • Sea Dweller
    • deep sea
    • GMTMaster
    • GMT Master 2
    • Pepsi
    • Batman
    • Coke
    • Yachtmaster
    • explorer
    • Milgaus
    • Air King and Rolex Cellini

    Did we miss any of them? Just let us know.

    In Adeler Joyeros we have experts in Rolex watches and we can advise you at the time of sale.

    You can sell your used Rolex from anywhere in Spain. If you are interested in knowing how much does your Rolex cost? Just write to us.