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    Rolex GMT Master II Castile and Leon

    Selling high-end watches, a profitable and well-priced business in León.

    High-end watches have always been present in León and the world due to their great features. One of the greatest attractions of high-end watches is exclusivity.

    Every now and then, the big names add new models to the market, although the old ones are still an option. Thanks to this, there is a large community, willing to pay large sums of money for these incredible watches.

    Collectors are the first to seek out watches that have made a mark in history, so if you own one get ready to make a lot of money. Even a current high-end, is a profitable sale and Adeler jewelers help you get it safely.

    Special edition watches are another big attraction in this market, so owning one brings status. Having a high-end watch is something they can do very little about. Selling them at unbeatable prices, we only do it at Adeler Joyeros.

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    The world’s best-selling high-end watches.

    There is an extensive list of high-end watches around the world, each with distinctive features and one. But if there is one thing high-end watches have in common, it is that they provide status and exclusivity wherever you go.

    The big brands have taken it upon themselves to give the highest value to these great everyday accessories. But here are the top-rated and highest-paid brands, no matter how old they are.

    Of course Rolex tops the list, thanks to its great design, elegance, utility and of course the name. This is one of the most expensive watches in the world and one that continues to reap success year after year.

    Cartier a watch that denotes pure elegance, this is one of the best known brands and as they are one of the best. Cartier enjoys a high level of elegance, exclusivity, unique designs and high prices, they are the best of the best.

    Another great brand is Omega is another of the watches, which has managed to position itself in the market for its quality. It has always struggled to surpass Cartier, but still enjoys great reputation, high prices and great impact on the market.

    Audemars Piguet is another major brand that enjoys high sales and unique models. In fact, thanks to its Royal Oak model, it managed to rank in the top 5 best watches in the world.

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    High-end watches symbol of grandeur and exclusivity.

    The most influential people in entertainment, politics and royalty have worn high-end watches on their wrists. Which elevates the world’s most sought-after watch brands that much higher.

    Owning one of these watches distinguishes us from the rest, besides not everyone can have a high-end watch. Which means you enter a select group that wears a flashy watch on their wrist.

    Even if it is an antique watch, its value and appreciation is much greater, due to the great impact on time it has. A high-end watch never ceases to be imposing, elegant and above all exclusive.


    Rolex watch

    We sell all types of high-end watches.

    Regardless of the model of your watch, Adeler Joyeros advises and accompanies you in the sale of your watch in León. Our team of professionals and specialists know every model, year and specifications of all high-end watches, old and new.

    Locate us by WhatsApp and quote your watch at the best price in the market. You don’t have to pay any cost for our services, remember it’s free!



    Did we miss mentioning any? Just let us know.

    At Adeler Joyeros we have experts in Rolex watches and we can advise you at the time of sale.

    You can sell your second-hand Rolex from anywhere in Spain, if you are interested in knowing how much your Rolex costs? you just have to write to us.