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We are confident in our knowledge and offer the best and highest price for your watch. From our WhatsApp: 650 083 995 you can find out what your watch is worth. You only need to provide us with the basic data of your watch such as brand, model, year and images and we will do the rest.

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    Where in Spain can I get the best price for my watch?

    Selling a watch can be a bit difficult, because we have a very vague notion of how much we can get for it. In Adeler Jewelers we are known for recognizing a high-end for miles, so we know the prices of renowned watches worldwide.

    Thanks to our appraisal quotation systems you can easily sell your watch anywhere in Spain. We not only provide facilities, but also security and remuneration according to your watch.

    Contrary to other pawnshops or watchmakers in Spain, which can ensure sales in certain territories. We offer effective sales throughout the national territory and with 100% free appraisal.

    We are specialists in high-end watches and can provide you with an honest and competitive valuation. The best? Via WhatsApp. You won’t have to travel anywhere, since you will be able to get advice before selling from the comfort of your cell phone.

    Buying high-end watches in Spain

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    What does free appraisal in Salamanca mean?

    Appraising a watch does not have to be a tedious process, at Adeler Jewelers we will advise you closely in an honest and transparent valuation of your watch. Our appraisals are 100% free and you do not have to pay any additional cost for our services.

    We not only appraise your watch in Salamanca in real time via WhatsApp, we can also be near you throughout the national territory. So you won’t need to go anywhere to get a quote for your watch.

    We offer professionalism, transparency, security and effectiveness in every sale. We provide payments over and above pawnshops or watchmakers in Spain.

    Do not hesitate to contact us and find out first hand how much your Rolex or Cartier costs. Remember that we handle antiques and we can offer you the best valued price in the market.





    Now you can sell Salamanca with Adeler jewelers!

    We handle one of the largest catalogs of high-end watches on the market, so we are qualified to offer you the best sales opportunities. You can also buy excellent examples of high-end and high-end antique watches, which will undoubtedly make you stand out anywhere.

    In Adeler Joyeros we are committed to quality, good taste and exclusivity, do not hesitate to choose us as your sales consultant in Salamanca. We offer security and a quick sale, quote with us today.


    High-end fashion watches this 2023.

    Trends in this industry do not emerge every six months, as in fashion, so some may be repeated with respect to those of 2022, as watchmakers work years in advance. One of the favorite pastimes of watch aficionados was shopping online, or saving and researching to purchase their luxury watch physically. The case was to buy and the rich, amateurs and collectors rushed to Rolex.

    Now there are more brands and more fan clubs, the most desired watches have become investment objects and there is a demand for them far in excess of supply, so prices on the secondary market have skyrocketed. The question is: will the sales records set by companies such as Panerai, Zenith and Rolex be maintained in 2023?

    We wouldn’t be surprised if the top brands in 2023 were the usual ones of the last few years, such as Rolex, Tudor, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Breitling and some independents, which also experienced an amazing 2022, such as H. Moser & Cie, MB&F, F.P. Journe, Czapek and De Bethune.

    Some will stand out to celebrate anniversaries such as the 70th anniversary of Rolex’s Submariner and Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms, the 40th anniversary of Casio’s G-Shock and Seiko’s 110th anniversary. So the market will be filled with limited editions. In addition, new versions of the MoonSwatch, the affordable version of the Speedmaster that emerged from a collaboration between Swatch and Omega and was the star of 2022, are expected.




    Patek Philippe is the most expensive watch in the world.

    Patek Philippe has broken a new record, that of the most expensive piece ever auctioned online. Christie’s organized a record-breaking online auction, both online and at its Hong Kong headquarters. And it has endorsed the placid moment that fine watchmaking is experiencing, the excellent start of the watch auction season, the fact that Hong Kong remains a relevant global center for collectors and the pull of online auctions, a key channel for millennials, who accounted for 40% of Christie’s buyers.

    Top of that list is the 6300A-010 Grandmaster Chime, which fetched a 2019 auction price of €28.78 million.
    The Sky Moon Tourbillon, which was presented in society 22 years ago, is a white gold watch 44 mm in diameter and 17.35 mm thick that astonished the world because it was the second most complicated wristwatch (after the Grandmaster Chime) from Patek Philippe. And because it cost around one million euros. Double-sided, it is the living example of the great importance given by the brand both to the tradition of the highest mechanical watchmaking and to the craftsmanship applied to it.


    Rolex watch

    What Rolex watches can you sell us?

    From a gold Rolex Daytona with diamonds to a Rolex Datejust, you can really sell any model you have because at Adeler Joyeros we buy all the Rolex watches. We are aware that Rolex is the number 1 watchmaker in the world and therefore we offer the highest value for your watch.

    We buy Rolex watches

    Rolex has a wide variety of models including:

    • Day Date
    • President
    • Sky Dweller
    • datejust
    • Oyster Perpetual
    • pearl master
    • Daytona
    • cosmography
    • Newman
    • submariner
    • Sea Dweller
    • deep sea
    • GMTMaster
    • GMT Master 2
    • Pepsi
    • Batman
    • Coke
    • Yachtmaster
    • explorer
    • Milgaus
    • Air King and Rolex Cellini

    Did we miss mentioning any? Just let us know.

    At Adeler Joyeros we have experts in Rolex watches and we can advise you at the time of sale. You can sell your second-hand Rolex from anywhere in Spain, if you are interested in knowing how much your Rolex costs? you just have to write to us.