Breguet Watches and The Best Watchmaker in History.

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What makes Breguet watches so special? discover it here and also, we invite you to know their collections and most emblematic models…

The year was 1775 when Abraham-Louis Breguet decided to found a watchmaking brand that has been delighting us for over 200 years.

Breguet watches have earned recognition in the world of watchmaking for their elegant designs coupled with the innovative techniques employed in their manufacture.

The legacy of this manufacture is so relevant that Abraham is considered “the best watchmaker in history”.

What did he do to deserve that title? We’ll tell you about it…

Breguet Watches “The Masterpiece”.

By 1783, this watch brand was already 8 years old and among the regular customers was Queen Marie Antoinette.

She practically became obsessed with these watches and for this reason a great admirer of the lady relied on her weakness to try to surprise her.

So he went to the legendary watchmaker, bringing him a sketch or just an idea, but he made it clear that he needed him to create a watch so spectacular that it would make a total impact on the queen.

Abraham-Louis Breguet, who was an inventor by nature, also liked challenges and did not hesitate to get down to work to meet the request.

Thus, Breguet’s most famous masterpiece called “Grande Complication” or “La Marie-Antoinette” was born.

It is a pocket watch designed and built by Abraham-Louis Breguet himself with great care.

It could not be delivered to Marie Antoinette.

However, what the petitioner omitted is that he did not detail the delivery time and the creation of the watch took no less than 40 years.

It was ready in its entirety 34 years after Marie Antoinette ‘s death at the guillotine and also 4 years after Breguet’s death, so it was his team who completed the work.

This watch is one of the reasons why Abraham is considered one of the great masters of watchmaking and it is not for less just to imagine the meticulousness with which it was made.

Thanks to Breguet’ s work, the evolution of the tourbillon, automatic watches, the chronograph, the equation of time, the minute repeater and even the wristwatch was achieved.

Breguet Watches Collections.

The manufacture currently has different collections of watches among which are grouped selected models such as:

Breguet Tradition watches.

One of the brand’s most emblematic collections, it was launched in 2005 to commemorate the 240th anniversary of its foundation.

Breguet Tradition luxury watches are inspired by previous classic designs, but have been revamped with modern aesthetics and advanced manufacturing techniques.

They are distinguished by a skeleton movement that exposes the internal components of the watch.

Breguet Classique watches.

With this line, Breguet is fully exposing the ideals of high-end watchmaking by combining precision, clarity and elegant lines.

This collection includes ultra-thin and complicated watches, which represent the technical principles, art and traditional values of the house to the fullest.

It stands out for its timeless look and has features such as the Breguet blue steel hands, a hallmark of the brand, as well as a clean and minimalist dial with Roman numerals.

Breguet Marine watches.

It is a collection inspired by the world of sailing, the watches that are part of it have a sporty style and are water resistant.

They can have stainless steel, rose gold or white gold cases, the dial features Roman numerals, classic Breguet blue steel hands and a date window.

The Breguet Marine line includes models with complications such as chronographs, moon phases, power reserve indicator and central seconds.

As for the strap, it can be made of rubber or metal, among the popular ones are: the Marine 5517, the Marine Chronographe 5527 and the Marine 5887 Tourbillon.

Breguet Type XX, XXI and XXII watches.

Derived from the watches created by the Swiss brand for the French Air Force more than 70 years ago, they are of classic design and stand out for their chronograph function.

The first Breguet Type XX was created in 1954 and was used by the French Air Force, the French Navy and the French Army Navy.

The manufacture decided to revive it in the 1990s by launching the Type XX line with the Type XX Transatlantique model and the Type XXI model.

The Type XXI featured a bold, modern design with a larger case than its predecessor and a chronograph flyback function.

In 2010, the Type XXII was launched, which is a chronograph with an accuracy of 1/20th of a second based on its high-frequency movement.

All of these watches (XX, XXI and XXII) are sophisticated sports watches worth owning.

Breguet Reine de Naples.

Breguet has its own line of ladies watches, they are designed specifically for women and its name is because the inspiration comes from the watch created for Queen Caroline Murat of Naples in 1810.

Its hallmark is its oval shape, an elegant design that combines classic elements with modern details.

Almost all of the watches that are part of this line have diamonds and other precious stones embedded in the case to further enhance their beauty.

As in other collections, common elements such as Roman numerals, Breguet blue steel hands and complications such as the moon phase, calendar, power reserve and minute repeater are repeated.

Breguet Heritage watches.

Classic and timeless, these models successfully merge Breguet tradition with innovation.

They stand out for their oval-shaped tonneau case with rounded edges, and feature an elegant and minimalist dial.

Classic elements such as Roman numerals, Breguet blue steel hands and complications could not be missing.

They can have details in pink or white gold and diamonds, almost all have automatic mechanical movement.

Breguet Haute Joaillerie watches.

The word that best defines this collection is exclusivity, in this line technical excellence is combined with aesthetic beauty to create pieces that are jewels of fine watchmaking.

They are made of high quality materials such as gold, platinum, precious stones and diamonds.

Each piece is manufactured by hand by Breguet’s craftsmen using traditional techniques and specialized tools.

Some Recommendations among Breguet Watches.

  • Breguet Tradition Chronographe Indépendant 7077.
  • Breguet Marine Équation Marchante 5887.
  • Breguet Classique Grande Complication 7637.
  • Breguet La Tradition Breguet 7027.
  • Breguet Type XXI 3817

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