Why is the Rolex Submariner the king of the deep?

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Rolex Submariner el rey de las profundidades

Discover the reasons for the success of the Rolex Submariner, its evolution and where to buy it at the best price?

According to Greek mythology, the king of the sea or of the deep is Poseidon, called “Neptune” by the Romans, but for lovers of luxury watches, the unmistakable king is the Rolex Submariner.

Rolex Submariner is the Poseidon of watchmaking.

Poseidon was the ruler of the sea, categorized as a powerful god who liked to be recognized as the “shaker of the earth”.

Son of the Titan Cronus, ruler of the Universe at the time, Poseidon was a key figure in the battles for control of the universe between the Titans, the Giants and the Olympians.

Likewise, the Rolex Submariner could be catalogued as the “lord of the seas”, the absolute king among its peers.

And it is that this luxury watch takes the throne as one of the most useful instruments that the world of watchmaking has created for diving enthusiasts.

Select Group of Pioneer Watches.

In 1950, the Rolex manufacture dedicated itself to creating professional watches that could be used as real tools, presenting functions that went beyond telling the time.

Thus they developed watches to accompany us in professional activities such as diving, aviation, mountaineering and scientific exploration.

To this generation of successful watches belongs the unforgettable and evergreen Rolex Submariner.

It was launched in 1953 and bears the crown of being the first diving watch to guarantee water resistance to a depth of 100 meters.

Rolex Submariner from Generation to Generation.

The Rolex Submariner has an incredible ability to survive from generation to generation.

It is a piece that perfectly tells many stories of achievement or family encounters that are as seductive as the technical mastery required to create them.

This is one of the high-end watch models that remains at the pinnacle of desirability for many decades.

In fact, we would go so far as to say that the Rolex Submariner is the most popular luxury watch in existence.

What is the Key to Your Success?

The success of a watch is mainly associated with the instrument, it needs to have a successful design and at the same time offer appreciated or useful features for the users.

In addition, it must be launched at an appropriate time and pose on the wrists of great personalities.

If the right technical and advertising conditions are met, it will undoubtedly become a success like the Rolex Submariner, the most famous watch of the 20th century.

The Evolution of the King of the Deep.

Auguste Piccard and his son Jacques were wearing a Rolex Submariner on their wrists when they tried to break a diving world record.

It was taken to a depth of 3,131.8 meters and when it was brought to the surface, the watch was still fully operational.

In 1954, Rolex presented two models of the Submariner to the public, references 6204 and 6205, capable of resisting up to 100 meters of immersion in water.

The following year they launched a third version, called reference 6200, which for fans of the brand and model represents “the Holy Grail of Rolex”.

The model is designed with a thick case, is water resistant to 200 m and has “3-6-9” on the dial, in the style of the Rolex Explorer.

They do not have “Submariner” on the dial.

However, none of the three models described carry the iconic name the dial, as the word “Submariner” was introduced on it only in late 1954 and they also lacked crown guards.

Over time, Rolex continued to work on the Submariner and ceo different modified versions.

Thus, in 1955, with the introduction of the Rolex caliber 1030 with chronometer certificate in the references 6538 and 6536, Rolex introduced the caliber 1030 with chronometer certificate in the references 6538 and 6536.

This innovation in the movement was so convincing that it seduced James Bond, appearing in a film of the saga wearing the Rolex Submariner 6538.

More Design Changes.

The references 5512 and 5513 incorporate new changes, such as the size of the case, which has increased from 36 to 40 mm, the appearance of the crown protectors, and the words “Superlative Chronometer, Officially Certified” on the dial.

In 1966, with the Rolex Submariner ref. 1680 introduce a date window and a plexiglass crystal, adding the Cyclops lens to magnify this date.

Also this reference shows an improved caliber known as the 1575 and the other significant change came in 1973 when they introduced a red inscription on the dial that is highly valued by collectors.

A Leap from Steel to Gold

The first Rolex Submariners were made of steel, but Rolex did not hesitate to create the first gold version of the Rolex Submariner.

They launched a yellow gold version with a blue dial and bezel, reference 16618, designed in 1969.

Ten years later, the ref. 16800 with sapphire crystal and improved water resistance to 300 meters.

In 1981 the 16618 was born, which also featured, like the 16800, unidirectional bezels and the Rolex caliber 3085.

Two years later, the Swiss manufacture created the Submariner in Rolesor (ref. 16613), a name that identifies the bicolor models in gold and steel.

In 1988 they released a new caliber, the 3135, to catapult the ref’s success. 16610 and in 2003, Rolex came out with an interesting variation of the Submariner.

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the collection, they devised a steel version of ref. 16610, this time with a green bezel ref 16610LV, bringing a new color to the family.

The Rolex Submariner Date.

The birth of the Rolex Submariner Date took place in 2009 for this opportunity the brand gave the model a ceramic bezel, thick lugs on the case and a new bracelet in the Rolesor version (ref. 116613LB).

But they also incorporated the changes in the white gold version with the dial and bezel in blue (ref. 116619) and the steel versions in green and black (ref. 116610LN/LV) in 2010.

Buy Rolex Submariner with Confidence.

Buying second-hand watches allows you to make significant savings, but you should be wary of purchasing a fake wristwatch.

Therefore, you should always buy from a reputable seller with an unblemished track record to ensure good results.

If you have any questions or wish to buy or sell a Rolex Submariner you can contact us and we will help you in the process.

Take a look at this Rolex Submariner, one of the most sought after high-end watches.