Necklaces and Chokers What is the Difference between these High End Jewelry?

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Since ancient times, necklaces and chokers have been used to adorn the neck of ladies for all occasions, but these high-end jewelry have certain differences. Do you know what they are?

We invite you to discover them…

Necklaces, a High End Jewelry in High Demand.

A necklace is an ornament that surrounds the neck, but more than that nowadays it is a complement to the clothing, it gives a very striking style to the neck and highlights the face and appearance of the person.

In general, necklaces have a minimum length of 50 centimeters, although this may vary depending on the taste of each woman or her height.

Choker, a High End Jewel with a lot of Style.

It refers to a smaller collar on the neck, its measurements vary between 35 and 50 cm. And also as in the necklace, its length depends on the woman.

At the end of the 14th century the choker had a very specific symbolism because it was worn by women who frequented bars and taverns.

However, time has allowed them to be considered as luxury jewelry as well as necklaces.

What are the differences between necklaces and chokers?

Basically they differ in terms of length, the necklaces are not tight to the neck like chokers are.

Regarding the style, the necklaces can be used and highlighted with a pendant, while the choker usually goes alone without pendants.

Necklaces and Chokers Which of these two high-end jewelry is your favorite?

We will leave you some tips to decide between a necklace or a choker, but keep in mind that at all times the decision on which one to choose depends on your taste, however, it is important to take into account our physique, especially our height.

If you are tall, long and thin necklaces will look good on you, but if you are short, a tight choker will look better on you.

It also influences the length of the neck, if the neck is short probably will not go very well with a wide choker.

Chokers, High End Jewelry with a Curious History.

The word choker defines a type of choker or necklace that goes tightly around the neck.

Throughout history chokers have changed a lot in terms of appearance, but what never seems to change is what it represents which is sensuality and empowerment.

Although they have been seen for many years, they will never cease to be trendsetting today as they give an excellent look and an elegant style.

Where do chokers come from?

They originated many years ago, in the East African region, in the Massai tribe, worn by both men and women. Each one represented the age and social status of each person.

However, in ancient Egypt, chokers were said to possess powers and were used as a method of protection.

In the 16th century one of the most important queens of the United Kingdom, Anne Boleyn, is in a portrait where she has a choker with a pendant with the letter B. She was condemned to death for treason against the king and witchcraft.

Two centuries after this, French women began to wear chokers, but these were red ribbons symbolizing the people who had been executed and condemned in the French revolution.

In the 19th century, prostitutes wore chokers, which were black ribbons, reflecting the women who were engaged in prostitution.

Chokers, Necklaces and Chokers What were Lady Di’s favorites?

Princess Diana was a milestone in the 80’s, the late wife of the next king of England was always a trend thanks to her beauty and charisma.

Despite being categorized as a simple person, Princess Diana had an exquisite taste in jewelry.

In fact, she had quite a large collection of luxurious necklaces and had a special weakness for pearls, among the favorite pieces of the princess stand out some with special meaning.

Lady Di’s favorite necklaces and chokers.

Four strand pearl choker

Queen Elizabeth II lent this jewel to Princess Diana the first time she visited the Netherlands in 1982 and there she let herself be photographed on several occasions wearing it. This choker has four rows of Japanese pearls and a diamond clasp.

Gray pearl necklace.

It is considered one of Princess Diana’s most important necklaces as she never took it off while traveling around Australia in 1986. It is composed of beautiful natural pearls of gray color.

Pearl necklace with one sapphire

Lady Di was seen on several occasions wearing this precious jewel after her separation with Prince Charles. She wore it on a day that was marked in history as the “Emblematic” because that day she danced with the famous actor John Travolta at the White House.

Cross and gold chain

She was repeatedly seen wearing this chain and is well remembered because Diana donated this jewel to an auction in 1997.

Which of these proposals is your favorite?

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