The Future of White Gold: Will it Remain a Valuable Metal?

Apr 10, 2023 | High-end jewelry | 0 comments

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White gold is a precious metal that is aesthetically appealing, but from an investment point of view, is it worth it?

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What is White Gold?

White gold is derived from an alloy of metals, i.e., it is not pure gold, precisely because in order to achieve this color it is necessary to fuse it with other elements.

It differs from traditional yellow gold, because it has a tone between silver or white, which is obtained from nickel, palladium or zinc, depending on its composition.

Pure gold mixed with other metals in specific proportions based on the desired shade is used for its elaboration.

The choice of the accompanying metal may also be associated with other aspects such as durability and/or fade resistance.

white gold and diamond necklace

A Valuable Metal.

There is a false belief that white gold is less expensive than yellow gold, but this is not true.

White gold can be even more expensive than yellow gold, it all depends on the purity and the other metal that is part of the alloy.

Cost of White and Yellow Gold

In general, the cost of gold varies depending on a number of factors such as

  • Market demand.
  • The price of the metals used in its alloying.
  • The quality of the alloy.

It is for this reason that both types of gold can have a similar price, however, there are some differences that can affect their cost.

Occasionally, white gold can be slightly more expensive than yellow gold because its manufacturing process is more complicated.

In turn, it requires the addition of other metals such as palladium, zinc or nickel, whose costs increase the final value.

Actually, the difference in price between white gold and yellow gold is usually not so remarkable, what will ultimately define the price of a gold jewelry is its weight, the quality of the alloy, the design and the brand.

Carat white gold.

In white gold jewelry, the amount of the precious metal in the alloy is measured in carats, and the most common white gold is usually between 14 and 18 carats of pure gold.

This type of gold is commonly used to create elegant and modern jewelry, such as valuable engagement rings, wedding bands, necklaces, earrings, among others.

A favorite of high-end jewelers.

This type of gold is a favorite of high-end jewelry designers because its appearance is sophisticated and elegant.

Some famous jewelry made in white gold are:

  • Kate Middleton engagement ring.

The engagement ring that Prince William gave Kate for their engagement is crafted in 18K white gold and features a 12 carat oval sapphire highlighted by 14 smaller diamonds.

  • Marilyn Monroe’s diamond necklace.

The iconic diamond necklace worn by the actress in the movie “Men Prefer Blondes” was crafted in 18-karat white gold.

  • Michelle Obama’s pearl necklace.

Barack Obama’s wife wore this necklace at the inauguration of the presidency in 2009, it was made with cultured pearls and white gold.

  • Victoria Beckham’s diamond earrings.

English singer and now fashion designer, Victoria Beckham, is another fan of high-end jewelry made with white gold, and on several occasions has worn white gold diamond earrings.

Victoria beckham high-end jewelry

  • Queen Elizabeth II’s necklace.

The late monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, wore a necklace made of white gold, diamonds and pearls at her coronation.

Investing in White Gold.

Investing in white gold is as valid a decision as investing in yellow gold, buying high-end jewelry in these metals is an interesting option to diversify an investment portfolio.

Buying white gold jewelry allows you to protect yourself against inflation and market volatility.

However, it must be considered that white gold is not exactly the same as pure gold, therefore, the value of the piece will be associated with the quality of the alloy and market prices.

White gold and yellow gold jewelry are not pure gold because this metal is malleable and weak in that state, it is the other metals that provide greater durability,

It is for this reason that it is difficult to get 24 carat gold jewelry!

To invest in 24 karat gold or close to 24 karat purity, it is necessary to think about gold bullion or investment coins.

How to Estimate White Gold Price? White Gold Jewelry Price

The price of white gold is estimated through an evaluation process that considers the different factors that affect it.

As previously explained, it is related to the current price of gold in international markets, the quality and purity of the white gold alloy, the weight of the piece of jewelry (the carats) and the market demand.

To correctly calculate the price of a white gold jewel, an evaluation or appraisal must be made.

You want to sell a white gold jewelry and you don’t know its price? We help you to appraise it!