The 5 Most Iconic Luxury Square Watches.

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When buying luxury watches you may be faced with a decision: choosing between square or round watches, we will help you a little by leaving you a list of the most iconic watches with square case.

The first pocket watches were designed with a round case to make them as compact as possible.

This shape ensures its maneuverability and makes it more practical for storage in trouser and vest pockets.

However, the creativity of manufacturers and designers have made available to us square, rectangular, oval and even distorted watches such as the legendary Crash de Cartier watch.

Square Watches: Which are the most iconic?

The square watches are charming, few brands dare to bet on this form of watch because it carries a greater degree of complexity.

In a round case watch, it is easier to achieve a design that allows all the numerals to be placed on the dial in a symmetrical and legible manner, without the hands bumping against the case.

Making square watches involves an arduous process of design and manufacture, for this reason they are admirable models and some of the most iconic are:

1. Santos de Cartier square watch

When Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos Dumont told a friend how uncomfortable he found flying and having to take his watch out of his pocket to check the time, he had no idea of the milestone he was about to inspire.

The friend was none other than the famous watchmaker Louis Cartier, who immediately understood Alberto’s need.

So he created for him a square flat wristwatch named Santos Cartier Watch, a legend in the world of watchmaking.

Cartier presented Dumont with a square, flat gold watch that was fitted to the wrist with a leather strap and buckle.

The design caused a commotion in Parisian high society and for this reason Cartier began to market it under the name “Cartier Santos”.

2.Tag Heuer Monaco Square watch

The TAG Heuer Monaco is a piece adored by motorsport fans, it stands out for its right-angled case and its beveled sapphire crystal, capable of resisting any scratches.

Created in 1969, it became an icon of Swiss watchmaking as the first water-resistant square automatic chronograph watch.

Its name is in honor of the Formula 1 race: the Monaco Grand Prix, thus associating this square sports watch with the world of racing.

Another differentiating detail of this wristwatch is that its crown is located on the left side of the case in order to remind users that it is not necessary to wind it.

Although the watch broke certain schemes, it is from 1971 that it began to be more coveted when the American actor Steve McQueen used it in the film Le Mans.

3. Omega De Ville X2.

The Omega De Ville collection is composed of different traditional designs that are combined with modern calibers.

It is a series ranging from three-hand watches with a date window to platinum watches with a tourbillon and ladies’ watches set with diamonds.

Within this collection is the square watch Omega De Ville X2, which is a watch with straight and simple lines that are subject to steel straps.

Coussin De Cartier Square Luxury Watch

The Coussin de Cartier Coussin Square watch stands out not only for its shape but also for the presence of diamonds set in a spiral around it.

There are 9 models the proposal that Cartier has made and each of them are unique pieces that attract attention, four of these models are repeated in its small and medium version.

While the ninth in the collection is a medium-sized, quartz movement with 750/ 100 white gold case and dial, it is set with 85 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling 0.38 carats.

Complementing the piece are 587 sapphires, 276 tsavorite gemstones, 45 emeralds and 18 tourmalines, there is no doubt that this is a luxurious square watch.

The boxes are flexible.

The Coussin watch was launched in limited editions and its name is the French word for “cushion” to emphasize that its square case is flexible and flexible.

The cases are made of white gold and flexible mesh of white gold threads, the most expensive watch is around $80,000.

5.Hublot Square Bang Unico 2022

It is a fresh out of the oven watch, unlike other of the models mentioned this is a recent bet Hublot.

The Hublot Square Bang Unico 2022 features an unconventional silhouette that immediately catches the eye.

For the first time Hublot ventures to present a completely square watch, which, although avant-garde, retains the genetics of the Big Bang and Classic Fusion collections.

The collection they have presented consists of 5 models of 42 mm. The first 3 in very high quality titanium, black ceramic or King Gold, and the other two are a combination of titanium or King Gold with black ceramic on the bezel.

Buy Square Watches or Round Watches?

Round case watches are traditional, they fit all types of wrists and for this reason they are a favorite among users.

Nevertheless, square watches have their art, they are exquisite designs that watch lovers appreciate.

Regardless of the type of watch you wish to buy or sell, you can count on Adeler Joyeros to carry out this process.

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