5 Luxury Watches Rectangular Case

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relojes de lujo de caja rectangular

Do you like traditional round case watches or do you prefer Rectangular Case Luxury Watches?

Rectangular watches are less common than round ones, but they are still very elegant and sought after by collectors.

If you are one of those who like to go a little bit out of the classic or you already have some traditional watches and you think it’s time to choose a watch with a different case, then read on…

Find out now which are the best proposals!

Luxury Watches Rectangular Box or Round Box?

The case of a watch serves to protect its movement but also to define its style, in fact, along with the dial, it is one of the elements that give more personality to this instrument.

Logically, when choosing between the different options, a classic dilemma arises: Opting for a luxury watch with a rectangular or round case?

Partly it is a very personal decision because it will greatly influence the taste of each person, usually lovers of classic watches immediately choose the round case.

But there are those who like to vary a little and are seduced by the idea of a rectangular case watch, because they really cause admiration.

The Art of Rectangular Clocks.

In these watches it is more complex to couple the parts of a movement and in turn creating the right dial design is a more difficult task.

It should be noted that the gears and round parts that are part of the movement of a watch when arranged together tend to make a circular shape.

That is why round watches are the ones that allow a better use of space,i.e., for functional reasons it is easier to create a watch with a round case than with another geometric shape.

Another reason why most clocks are round is that the earliest clocks were sundials and used to be this shape because of the silhouette of the sun, its movements on the dial of the sky and the rotation of the earth.

Although this is not limiting and a sundial can be made square or rectangular and the same goes for wristwatches.

5 Luxury Watches Rectangular Case that are unforgettable.

1. Luxury Watches Jaeger-LeCoultre Rectangular Case.

Reverso by Jaeger-LeCoultre is a watch that was born in the early 1930s, challenging the idea of being a chronograph suitable for use in British Army officers’ polo matches.

And the proposal was totally successful, when turning the case of this watch the dial is hidden to show its back and thus protect it from possible blows of the mallet used in this sport.

It is arectangular case watch that has captivated men and women alike, it is a must in this list of watches because it is an icon.

The Reverso Classic is the traditional expression of the series, but we cannot fail to mention models such as the Reverso Duoface or double-sided.

Duo face is a rotating concept that turns the back of the watch into a second expression of time and there is also the Duetto Reverso that transforms the other face by displaying another design.

Cartier Tank watch, a Classic.

Only a born artist like Louis Cartier could find his muse in war, and thus translate the design of a war tank to the architecture of a watch and give way to the creation of the acclaimed Tank de Cartier.

A watch of geometric and pure forms, created under the influence of the Art Deco movement of which the Cartier was a precursor.

The Tank de Cartier watch was a pioneer among wristwatches, through its distinctive integrated silhouette design, with a strap that would become part of the watch.

It is a perfect silhouette to combine with a square or rectangular box that has been seen in its different versions.

Throughout the history of this chronograph, we have also seen both male and female models.

However, it always remains under the same concept, although some of them break schemes such as the Tank Cintreé Esqueleto 2017 edition, a daring proposal a little different but without losing the design line.

Other innovative versions of the Tank de Cartier were seen in 2021 with the Tank Must in bold monochromatic shades.

3. Rolex Cellini Prince an Answer to the Tank de Cartier.

The Rolex Cellini collection houses watches with different case shapes including rectangular ones such as the one shown in the Rolex Cellini Prince.
Rolex Cellini Prince.

In general, the Cellini have distinctive elements such as a flat hand-wound caliber and a gold case, although they show notable variations in their architecture.

Cellini Prince is the direct answer to the Rolex to the Cartier Tank, it is characterized by its rectangular case, art deco design and a small seconds at 6 o’clock.

The Cellini Prince houses a modern hand-wound caliber 7040, also this time the manufacture lets you see through a sapphire crystal case back, something very unusual in Rolex.

TheRolex Cellini Prince definitely stands out among the best Luxury Rectangular Case Watches!

4. Luxury Watches Patek Philippe Rectangular Case: Twenty.

Patek Philippe stands out for having watches with complications and great complications whose value is usually high, they are masters at this.

They also stand out for making incursions into cases with architectures beyond the traditional ones, so we can enjoy watches like the Ellipse d’Or with an elliptical shaped case.

Also noteworthy are models of luxury watches with rectangular cases such as Twenty~4, which is a proposal only for women.

There are 2 variations of this watch: the rectangular case, which is somewhat reminiscent of the Cartier Tank, and the traditional round case version.

Not only the Twenty~4 has a rectangular case, the Patek Philippe’s Pagoda is another of the models of the manufacture that enjoys this geometric shape.

Pagoda was introduced to the market in 1997 to commemorate the inauguration of the Patek Philippe watchmaking center in Geneva and is based on the concept of a rectangular case.

It is a limited edition of 2,000 pieces of which 1,100 in yellow gold, 500 in rose gold, 250 in white gold and 150 in platinum.

5. IWC Novecento, Rectangular Case Watch.

The IWC manufacture has watches that have made history such as the Pilot’s Watch, the Portugieser or the Da Vinci and many others.

IWC Novecento was born in the 1990s is a watch that frontally shows a rectangular case of 33 x 27 mm, but with certain curves to fit the wrist.

With clear vintage airs given its inspiration in the watches of the 1920s, it has a bright white dial and has a legible year, month, day, date and moon phase indicator.

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