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Do you want to know some Underrated High End Watches? We leave you this listing….

In all commercial markets, it happens that certain products or services are “undervalued” for whatever reason.

People tend to put the spotlight on a few in particular and may become so covetous of them that they dare not look for other products that may offer the same or even superior features as the ones they crave so much.

Why Are These High-End Watches Undervalued?

Ideally, value for money and obviously availability should be considered, but sometimes it is market trends that dominate consumer desires.

For example, if a watch is worn by an artist or at a particular moment in history it can become iconic and will be missed by many people, leaving aside some other great proposals.

So, we want to honor a group of watches that, although they sell well are not the ones that lead the lists of the most desired and for them we classify them as undervalued.

1.Tissot PRX Powermatic 80

It is a slim watch that evokes the 70’s, it is full of 21st century features, it has a 1978 Tissot case and the Powermatic 80 automatic movement.

It will provide you with 80 hours of power reserve, it is a modern movement designed for people with a hectic life.

This automatic watch basically runs on the energy of the person wearing it because the movement of the wrist allows the mechanism to work.

You are looking at a super economic watch, but it looks up to 8 times more expensive.

Rolex Cellini watch.

It is named after the Italian Renaissance artist Benvenuto Cellini who was the inspiration for the naming of this collection.

Every detail of it highlights the care of the creators who use the code of the watchmaker’s art.

It is a timeless and discreet watch with a crown inside the white dial that, although it has a large legion of followers is not the most popular of the brand.

3.Patek Philippe Calatrava.

The high-end Patek Philippe Calatrava watch earns its place as the most classic men’s watch to date.

Born in 1932, more than six decades after Patek Philippe invented the first wristwatch in history.

It is an excellent choice, but it is clear that the Nautilus leads the preferences of the brand’s admirers.

Dozens of Calatrava watches have been released and the older ones are considered especially collectible.

The highly polished bezel is one of Calatrava’s hallmarks, although they also have models with a “Clous de Paris” spiked bezel.

Zenith Chronomaster Original 38 mm.

This manufacture of high-end watches had in its catalog a watch called El Primero 38 mm which is a direct descendant of the classic watch A386.

A model that was on the wish list of some chronograph lovers and was discontinued.

However, the brand returned in 2021 to El Primero-based watches by introducing the acclaimed Chronomaster Sport and the Zenith Chronomaster Original.

The latter has been manufactured in a 38 mm steel case with the same proportions as the A386, features the iconic tricolor dial and an exquisite blue leather strap.

Powered by El Primero 3600 high-frequency automatic chronograph movement with 1/10th of a second chronograph function and a 60-hour power reserve.

Although the new Defy Extreme and Skyline series are attracting attention, do not miss this interesting proposal from Zenith.

Omega Seamaster 300 Co-Axial Master Chronometer

The Omega Speedmaster remains indelibly on the wish list of watch lovers, but models such as the Omega Seamaster 300 Co-Axial Master Chronometer should not be overlooked.

This Omega Seamaster has an attractive dial and slim case that will remind you of the diving models of the 1950s.

In 1957, OMEGA launched the Seamaster 300 exclusively for divers and professionals working underwater.

Fifty years later, it returns improved and adapted to new needs, the current Seamaster 300 has a black sandblasted dial, radiated hands and “vintage” Super-LumiNova coating.

Another interesting detail is the bezel ring, made of polished ceramic and with a Liquidmetal immersion scale.

6.Longines Hydroconquest 41 mm.

The Longines HydroConquest line is created for men and women looking for a high-performance, innovative and elegant watch.

It stands out for its new models in bright colors, highlighting the model in olive green, 41 mm with a thick bracelet and case with wide lugs.

7.Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium 42 mm.

Hublot’ s Classic Fusion series is simply spectacular and perhaps one of the most underrated watches on the market.

It has a ribbed rubber strap characteristic of Hublot, highlights the satin sheen of the gray dial that denotes class and this is added details such as the six-screw bezel tool.

Wise in expressing the art of fusion, Hublot proposes these simple watches, but with revolutionary watchmaking concepts, it is the perfect symbiosis between functionality, architecture and design.

Buying Undervalued High-End Watches as an Investment

It really is tempting to always go for the favorite models, but remember that you can also visualize a little beyond the latest watch trends and opt for those available that keep good value for money.

The market is variable, and some of these models may later become part of the big favorites.

Do you want to buy or sell a high-end watch? Contact us immediately here and we will advise you.

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