Another Reason To Buy Pre-Owned Rolex.

Dec 9, 2022 | Luxury Watch, rolex, Rolex Watches | 0 comments

Relojes Rolex de segunda mano

Buying used Rolex has always been a great option, it is a safe investment and allows you to get the models you have always dreamed of at good prices.

But from December of this year there will be an extra reason to buy used watches and we will explain what it is…

Certified Pre-Owned Rolex.

The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer has announced that it will launch a program called ‘Rolex Certified Pre-Owned’.

This allows dealers the possibility of marketing second-hand Rolexes with a certificate of authenticity.

In addition, each part will be provided with a new international warranty for a period of two years.

Christmas Gift, Spain is not included.

From December 2022, pre-owned watches with Rolex certificate of authenticity will be available for purchase at Bucherer dealer outlets.

However, it is only available in six countries, namely Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

At the moment, it will not be possible to enjoy this benefit in our country, but it is expected that the rest of the official distributors of the brand will be added to the program from the spring of 2023.

What are the Pre-Owned Rolex Watches that fall under the Program?

The aforementioned program to certify the authenticity of pre-owned Rolex watches includes watches that are at least three years old.

They will be identifiable by a specific Rolex Certified Pre-Owned plaque, to guarantee that the pieces meet all the quality criteria of the firm’s products.

Second Hand Watches Market on the Rise.

The global market for used watches is very well priced and it is believed that by 2030 there will be a trading volume of approximately 35.5 billion euros.

This will be driven by the launch of brand offers and the expansion of commercial channels.
Of course, consumer demand for high-end watches on sale or discontinued watches also plays a role.

How does the market move?

When it comes to young consumers they opt to shop online and go for attractively priced second-hand parts, but they also take sustainability into account.

The shortage of luxury watches has also forced consumers to turn to the second-hand market, especially for those consumers who yearn for unique or hard-to-find timepieces.

There are also those who look for second-hand watches as an investment, in which case the price/value ratio prevails.

Most Wanted Models.

Since 2021 and 2022, there has been a phenomenon of revaluation of certain brands and models, among which the following stand out:

Rolex Daytona.
– Rolex Submariner
– Rolex GMT and Master II,
– Patek Philippe Nautilus.
– Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

The secondary market attracts not only traditional watch lovers but also opportunists who wish to profit from the business.

In this buying and selling market you must be very careful if you do not have a deep knowledge of the subject, to avoid scams by buying fake parts or being forced to sell at prices not in accordance.

Tips for Buying and Selling Used Watches.

So, if you want to buy and sell used Rolex here are some tips:

1. Companies that transmit confidence.

It will always be safer to opt for a specialized store when making this type of negotiations, avoid opportunists who can lead you to make a bad deal.

Researching the store’s reputation and analyzing customer feedback on social media is a good place to start.

2. Verify the authenticity of the watch.

Before making any purchase, verify the authenticity of the watch, again the seller’s track record is important.

Remember that those who have years of experience in the business will not risk selling counterfeit parts.

Please note that, depending on the range, type and brand of the watch, they may have a certificate of authenticity, ask the seller if they have it.

3. Test if it works.

Check carefully every detail, if the watch has damaged parts that decreases its value, in any case check if it is necessary to replace any part and if it is possible to get it.

Don’t get carried away by impulsiveness or emotion, think clearly.

4. Compare prices.

Check what the value of the second-hand watch was when it was new, this serves as a guide before buying or selling.

Although remember that there are models that can be much more expensive even when used than when they were launched, especially those that are exclusive or limited editions.

Buy Used Rolex.

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