Do you know the History Behind Breguet Luxury Watches?

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Breguet has been part of the Swatch Group for 24 years and this was a real milestone for the brand.

What is curious is the fusion betweenindustrial watchmaking represented by Swatch and traditional watchmaking represented by Breguet.

However, with this alliance and the manufacture of high-end watches, it managed to regain its splendor supported by new investments and a renewed human capital.

Breguet Luxury Watches, the beginnings.

Breguet is an important name in the market of luxury watches and high jewelry, this company was born from the hand of Abraham Louis Breguet, in Paris in 1775.

They are recognized as one of the great exponents of mechanical technologies applied to the manufacture of watches, to them we owe the tourbillon mechanism that accompanies many models.

Their vast experience in mechanical watchmaking is what allowed them to survive the industrial revolution that wiped out many similar companies.

Breguet’s history began in the premises of Ile de la Cite, where they received their first orders from Queen Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI of France.

It could be said that these first prototypes are the ones that lay the foundations of what we know today as “major complications”.

The Great Legacy of Breguet Luxury Watches.

Why is Breguet such an important name in luxury watchmaking? We explain it to you through his legacy:

Tourbillon mechanism.

On June 26, 1801 Abraham-Louis Breguet patented for a decade a kind of regulator known today as “tourbillon” .

This innovation was born after observing that gravity is the enemy of regularity in watch movements, because each change of position of the watch causes variations in the adjustment of its synchronization.

So, Abraham thought of a successful solution to solve the problem of gravity…

He did this by placing the entire exhaust on a moving carriage that performs one complete rotation per minute, so that the regular repetition of failures results in a compensation process.

It should be noted that the tourbillon, was based on a really brilliant principle, but of complex implementation for the time, so that at that date it was far from being functional.

It took 2 experimental models to finally become part of the tourbillon watch marketed in 1805.

Guilloche Sphere

In 1786, Breguet surprised with innovative style dials, we are talking about the silver or gold guilloché decoration.

To date it remains one of the most recognizable signs of Breguet watches, logically because the dials stand out for the fineness of their lines.

It is an artistic work that is achieved starting from a smooth sphere of solid gold or silver and that is worked with a burin to hollow out or trace the different sections.

Among the best known motifs are the Paris nail, Paris cobblestone, sunbeam, barley seeds, waves, old basket, checkerboard, flamed appearance,

Generally Breguet gives a silver finish, using artisanal techniques involving the use of silver powder and soft brushes to finish with a satin finish.

Breguet hands

Another great heritage of this luxury watch brand are the Breguet hands, which consist of a pomme évidée and off-center.

It is a design that dates back to 1783 and evokes elegance, notably “Breguet hands” have earned a place within the complex vocabulary of watchmakers.

Current Collections Breguet Luxury Watches

Today Breguet includes designs that reflect different eras of history through men’s and women’s wristwatches.

Its collections are:

  • Tradition.

A clear tribute to the memory of Breguet, the pieces are inspired by the legendary subscription watches conceived by A.-L.

They represent a direct look at the brand’s origins, but at the same time show the futuristic vision.

  • Classique

They exhibit precision watchmaking, an elegant line made up of ultra-thin models and complicated watches.

  • Classique complications

It shows the greatness of Breguet, they reflect their clear expertise between watchmaking and advanced mechanical science.

  • Marine

Pieces that have a contemporary touch, can be categorized as sports watches.

  • Type XX – XXI – XXII

These models were created in the 1950s for the French naval air forces, the Type XX is now back in its civilian version.

  • Reine de Naples

The Reine de Naples collection is a collection inspired by the model he created for Bonaparte’s sister, Carolina, Queen of Naples.

  • Héritage

The Héritage models are available in a curved tonneau case, demonstrating Breguet’s innovative spirit.

  • Haute Joaillerie

It is the line created to exalt women, high-end watches full of elegance and brilliance.

A clear example is the “L’Orangerie” watch in 18 carat yellow gold and snow-set dial, accompanied by numerous diamonds.

The Secret Signature Breguet Luxury Watches.

Breguet watches have a secret signature to avoid the numerous counterfeits that buyers can fall for.

From 1795, Breguet introduced this detail, which is made on the dial and is almost invisible unless illuminated by a grazing light.

Although it is not present on all models, you do get this signature on most Breguet dials as proof of authenticity.

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