Surprising dials of high-end watches.

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We always talk about watches in general: brands or models, but today we want to dedicate all our attention to the dials of high-end watches.

Because this is the part of the watches that most captures our attention is like “the face” on them and besides allowing us to visualize the time, they can amaze us with their aesthetics.

High-end watch dials.

The dial of a high-end watch and in general of any watch is also known as the “Dial” and is the face that contains very important details.

It contains the numerals, indexes and much of the distinctive surface design and is referred to as the dial.

Sphere Styles.

There are many styles of spheres, among the most common are enamel, guilloche, reticule, skeleton and tapestry, for example.

Watches With Enamel Dial.

Creating watches with enamel dials is quite an art, because the process requires fusing powdered glass to metal at very high extreme temperatures.

Any error or failure can lead to cracking, discoloration or bubbling and ruin long hours of work.

Enameling is a delicate painting technique that consists of mixing powdered glass on the metal surface of the watch face.

Each layer is progressively added and must be heated in special ovens, which makes it a laborious job.

Among the most striking enamel dial watches are:
The Calatrava 2016 Patek Philippe, Cartier d’art, Lady Arpels Jour Nuit Oiseaux de Paradis Van Cleef and Arpels,
just to mention a few.

Watches with Guilloche dials

Guilloché comprises a series of mechanical turning techniques, this term is due to the French engineer “Guillot”, who was the inventor of the machine.

Such a machine could engrave precise patterns and designs on metal surfaces, the use of guilloché in watch design is highly acclaimed.

One of the forerunners was Abraham-Louis Breguet, who focused on the functional nature of the process rather than on aesthetics.

This technique provides better protection against wear of polished surfaces, avoiding scratches or loss of gloss, not to mention the anti-reflective properties.

Obviously in this type of watches we can not fail to mention those of the Braguet brand as the Breguet Classique Chronométrie 7727 model.

Watches With Skeleton Dial.

The watches with skeleton dial are those in which a partial cut is made in its dial to expose the mechanism.

In fact, there are watches that are completely skeletons and others in which it is only a partial cut on the dial to expose the “art of the watch”.

This “skeleton” dial design has seduced brands such as Hublot, Piaget, Roger Dubuis and Tissot that have various models of skeleton watches.

Watches with mother-of-pearl dials.

Rolex is one of the exponents of using mother-of-pearl dials, a mysterious and attractive material, black, white, yellow or pink tones are used to achieve color effects.

Another example is the TAG Heuer WJ1114BA0575 with white mother-of-pearl dial and 11 diamonds (0.17 carats).

Different brands strive to make high-end watch dials truly unforgettable.

In this way they surprise with the designs and materials used in them as Rolex has used from platinum to space materials derived from a meteorite.

What do the 3 watch faces mean?

There are high-end watches that have “dials within dials” and these are not decorative but have specific functions.

The small dials that can be seen on the watches and consist of tiny hands, can indicate the date, the day, present the time in 24-hour format, among others.

If the watch has a chronograph, it is used to measure the time elapsed between a certain interval, i.e. it helps to calculate the exact duration of an event.

5 Surprising high-end watch faces.

1.Cartier Privé Tank Chinoise.

Cartier only manufactured 150 pieces of this watch that is part of the exclusive Cartier Privé collection, it is the new Tank Chinoise.

It shows a sphere of square geometry that is framed by upper and lower rings superimposed on the lateral ones.

It was available in three metals: yellow gold, rose gold and platinum, the latter version with a crown set with a faceted ruby and a blue and gray semi-matte alligator strap.

Chanel Mademoiselle J12 La Pause.

The Madeimoselle J12 Chanel watches demonstrate all the creativity of the brand through 3 limited edition designs of which only 55 pieces were produced for each version.

The dial of the model called La Pausa shows Madeimoselle dressed in a Breton-style sweater and fisherman’s pants.

The materials of this inspiring model are black ceramic and white gold and its dial is highlighted by the 46 baguette-cut diamonds added to the bezel.

3.Hublot Sang Bleu II Magic Gold.

This model marks the seventh anniversary of Maxime Plescia-Buchi’s collaboration with Hublot, of which only 100 pieces were made.

In this proposal they merge 2 of the favorite materials of the watchmaker, which are Magic Gold and ceramic.

A 45 mm diameter case made of ultra-resistant gold “Magic Gold” and on its dial the designs of the master tattoo artist accompanied with the mechanism of the hands in the form of geometric tattoo that extends to the rubber strap.

4.Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Hybris Artistica Calibre 945 Atomium

A model that stands out!, for the first time the manufacture bets on grisaille enamel, consists of a dial surrounded by three concentric rings showing the solar time indexes.

It has an inner ring for the 24 hours, while the outer ring marks the minutes, but the divine touch is given by the opaline finish.

In addition, it has a ring of hours that is located between the two and with applied indexes, its decoration is with enamel on a base with guilloché handmade.

5.Richard Mille RM 38-02 Tourbillon Boubba Watson.

It is as bold as the rest of Bubba Watson’s signature calibers, in fact, it is inspired by his lucky color.

It consists of a TPT carbon sinker with multiple layers of parallel carbon filaments – a surreal proposition!

Its skeletonized dial demonstrates all its sporty character and is accompanied by TPT carbon edge and TPT rose quartz to create a majestic contrast.

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