What are Piaget and Corum Coin Watches like?

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Both Piaget and Corum are high-end Swiss watch brands, which have something else in common and that is that they have created spectacular Coin Watches.

There are different types of luxury watches from the most traditional to the skeletons that allow you to see the movement, but there are also very exclusive proposals such as coin watches, which we will talk about today.

These are not watches whose case or dial simulates a coin, but have been created from real gold or silver coins and that is what makes them special.

Piaget Coin Watches, a Limited Reissue.

Piaget is a brand that has always been bold in launching high-end watches with its own designs and made of the most exquisite materials, including 18-carat gold or platinum.

They were the creators of the ring watch, the brooch watch, the bracelet watch and the coin watch, the latter launched in 1957.

The Piaget coin watch is a model created with a secret spring which consists of a case made of a $20 gold coin, better known as “the secret”.

The famous 9P caliber was added, characterized by its thinness, a rather surprising quality for a time when thin movements were uncommon.

Piaget recently revived this tradition by offering exclusive secret dock watches made from authentic 24-karat gold American dollar and Chinese yuan coins.

The bad news is that very few will be able to have this model, as it was a limited edition of 10 watches in each type of currency.

Altiplano Double Jeu is not a Coin Watch, but it is Double.

The Altiplano Double Jeu that was released in 2016 also keeps a secret just as the coin watch does and that is that although its case is not exactly a coin if it has a very similar system to the iconic model of the brand.

This design employs two cases, in pink or white gold positioned one on top of the other to create a true watchmaking jewel.

The famous “Coin Watch” or Corum Coin Watches.

Another brand that has opted for “coin watches” is Corum, the Swiss watchmaking company founded in 1955 created this model using gold and silver coins.

The manufacturing process in its beginnings consisted of using coins in perfect condition, which were cut in half along the edge and then a hole was made manually to be able to introduce an ultra-flat watch mechanism.

Finally, the assembly of the watch was completed with a gold bezel, which consisted of notches that emulated those of coins on its edge.

The watch collection even includes the controversial South African investment coin “the Krugerrand“.

The Evolution of the Coin Watch.

From the tenth anniversary onwards, the ultra-thin Frédéric Piguet P70 caliber, measuring only 2.4 mm, began to be fitted in the watches.

So they were able to use thinner and smaller coins which allowed them to produce more feminine models.

In 1989, the 25th anniversary of Corum’s mondada watch was celebrated with the addition of a back cover that allowed the watch’s movement to be seen.

Corum Coin Watches 2017

In 2017 the Swiss watchmaker presented three new models of the “Coin Watch” with marked inspiration in the North American country, because two of the three proposals that were launched on the market consisted of American coins:

They used for a model the silver coin of 1 dollar, which has hands made of blue steel, the same color used for the inscription of the brand under the sapphire crystal, to this is added an alligator leather strap and a sapphire set in the crown.

The other watch model is based on the iconic 22-carat “Double Eagle” gold coin, with black hands and strap, as well as a diamond set in the crown.

Israeli Coin Clock.

While the third proposal of the “Coin Watch”, was elaborated with a coin commemorating the anniversary of the creation of the Hebrew State.

A coin minted in 1973, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of that country’s Declaration of Independence. This model has a 43 mm silver case, with black hands and strap.

Automatic caliber Corum CO 082

The trio of watches are equipped with a Corum CO 082 automatic caliber, a movement that guarantees a power reserve of 42 hours and exceeds 28,800 vph.

The Presidents’ Coin Clock.

It is not known exactly what the relationship is between this particular model and the presidents of the United States, but it seems to be a favorite among the high-end watches chosen by high-ranking officials.

Corum’s Coin Watch has been on the wrists of George Bush Sr., Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon and even Bill Clinton.

The Charm Of Coin Watches

We can get high-end watch collectors and coin collectors, but what if you like to collect both?

The perfect solution seems to be in coin watches, a smart way to bring these two hobbies together.

In addition, if the coin is placed behind the sapphire crystal it protects it from scratches so it is an excellent option to preserve it.

On the other hand, these high-end watches are captivating not only because of their manufacturing process but also because they feature ultra-thin movements capable of fitting in the limited thickness of the coin.

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