Do you know the Latest Demand for the Rolex Oyster?

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The high-end watch manufacturer Rolex has sued a company that manufactures watches for children for alluding to the Rolex Oyster.

Do you want to know why? We will explain…

The Reason for the Rolex Lawsuit

Rolex recently filed a lawsuit against the British company Oyster & Pop, which bears a similar name to one of its most iconic models.

This lawsuit was filed in order to urge the company to change its identity to prevent mistakes.

The children’s watch company claims that the company name Oyster & Pop is named after the Oyster Bend Road which is located in England and has nothing to do with Rolex.

Unfortunately the name is similar to one of the models of the manufacture, the famous Rolex Oyster Perpetual, for this reason the lawyers of the Rolex brand, have requested the company Oyster & Pop to make a total change that includes its name, brand, logo and website.

Oyster & Pop’s Response

Family-owned Oyster & Pop came about after two sisters took the initiative to sell educational products including watches for children is asking for help.

They want to prevent the giant from pursuing a lawsuit involving costly changes and actions that could bankrupt the company.

Rolex Vs. Oyster & Pop.

The small British company has written a statement where it explains that Rolex’ s arguments are unfair and proposes to reach an agreement where they commit not to produce watches for adults, as well as not to change the name to just Oyster.

This is not the first discord between the brands, as it already happened when the company Oyster & Pop intended to register watches for children with a value of 25 to 30 dollars in the United States, but Rolex prevented it by imposing a legal complaint.

What is the Rolex Oyster?

The Rolex Oyster case is a fundamental milestone in the history of contemporary watchmaking.

It was invented in 1926 and is the world’s first watertight wristwatch case, they managed to devise a patented system of bezel, back and crown screwed on the caseband.

For decades it has been a symbol of tightness and robustness, models of proportions and elegance, which in turn combine form and functionality in a dazzling way.

The beginning of everything…

To understand the eagerness of the Rolex lawsuit you have to understand what motivates them to defend their legacy and if you don’t know the history of Rolex, we will refresh it a little…

Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex, took a gamble on these wristwatches because he saw in them a great future in the world of watchmaking.

In 1910 he presented his advanced and modern wristwatch at the Swiss School of Horology with which he won an honorable prize for the first time.

Then it was proposed to find a way to prevent air, dust and water from entering the box as it eventually gets damaged.

So he had the ingenuity to screw down the crown and this was something that was perfect for him, he came up with a progressive idea that revolutionized the world of wristwatches because he had created a waterproof watch that resisted water, dust and air.

That is, this is a company with trajectory that forged a path step by step in the world of watchmaking to position itself as one of the best.

Understandably, they are quite wary of your brand!

Manufacture of the Rolex Oyster.

Oyster watches are made from a solid block that can be made of steel, gold or platinum, which is molded by hand.

They are subjected to more than 150 tests by experts to verify that the result is a perfect watch.

The Oyster’s case is so strong and sturdy that it has been compared to a miniature safe.

More about the Rolex brand.

Rolex has achieved with great effort and firmness to be proud of its Oyster, this has managed to come out unscathed from strong tests, as has been traveling to the desert or the highest mountain in the world.

On October 17, 1927, Mercedes Gleitze wore a Rolex while swimming across the English Channel, where she spent 15 hours and 15 minutes.

This being a very ingenious strategy by Rolex, exposing his watch in different parts of the world and in different situations, with this manages to convince even the most incredulous of the moment.

The new generation of the Rolex Oyster Perpetual.

The Oyster Perpetual is the new generation in hermetic wristwatches, being the direct successor of the original Oyster with which the Rolex brand became known and obtained its fame since 1926.

The Oyster Perpetual features the essential qualities of the Oyster Perpetual collection:

  • Optimum chronometric precision.
  • Hermetic box.
  • Automatic mechanism of the Perpetual rotor movement.
  • Indicates hours, minutes and seconds.
  • It is manufactured solely from Oystersteel.
  • Elaborated as a wrist chronometer.
  • Anti-reflective treatment on the underside.
  • Optimum readability of the dial.

Oyster And Its Classic Style.

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual is characterized by its classic style worldwide, guaranteeing the wearer several useful functions for every day: display every hour, minute and second.

The new Oyster Perpetual 41 variant gives us a new shape in a different way: its dial is silvered with a sun-shaped workmanship, set with faceted hands and indexes in 18-carat gold.

The Oyster Perpetual follows the main line of the Rolex pioneers by adopting timeless forms and functions, showing watches of very pure manners.

What does the new Rolex Oyster Perpetual offer?

They are supplied with caliber 3230 for a fully developed movement, produced by the Rolex company.

This fully automatically developed mechanized movement is at the forefront of technological advances in the world of watches.

With this caliber, they achieve satisfactory and progressive results in terms of precision, autonomy, resistance to any type of shock, comfort in use and reliability.

It is made up of a barrel architecture and the resistance of the upper escapement leads to a power reserve of approximately 70 hours.

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