How to know if a Rolex Submariner is original?

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The Rolex Submariner is one of the most sought after and highly rated high-end watch models on the market.

It has evolved since it made its first appearance on the market in the 50’s and that is why you can get Submariner watches with different characteristics.

Remember that when buying luxury watches you have to be careful not to buy fakes and although there are some cheap copies that betray the lack of authenticity, others are very well made and can challenge even the most experts.

Rolex Submariner Original How to Identify it?

There are certain key details that serve to verify if you are looking at a truly original Rolex piece.

  • The sound of the Tic-Tac.

Generally the copies are more concerned with aesthetics than with the system, so it is possible that the movement is erratic and not very constant.

The seconds hand can have abrupt changes and you can hear a characteristic ticking, while Rolexes usually have delicacy and fluidity in this movement.

  • The size of the date.

In 1969 Rolex introduced the reference 1680, which incorporates the version with date and for this reason the word “Date” is added to its name.

In addition, the magnifier known as Cyclope is added over the date window, which allows the date window to be so large that it practically occupies the space.

This is a very difficult detail to counterfeit, it usually ends up being an ordinary glass that is far from what Rolex presents.

  • Change the date.

Another way to recognize a copy is to try to change the date, by moving the hands back, they should change to the previous date when you move down to the position and not to 12.

  • The weight of the watch.

Rolex watches are usually heavy as they are composed of metal and crystal, counterfeit watches are usually light.

You can also investigate the weight that corresponds to the specific model you are negotiating, for example, a Rolex Submariner 116610LN weighs 151 grams.

  • The back.

Almost the vast majority of Rolex imitations consist of a transparent glass back that exposes the inner part of the watch.

It is sometimes hidden under a removable metal cover, but this is not common on original Rolex models, except for a few models that were used for display.

  • Structure and materials.

Check the watch thoroughly, the metal of which it is composed must be of high quality, without marks (except the typical scratches if it is a second-hand watch).

If you notice that any of the components are of poor quality or are very thin, you may be looking at a copy or may have altered parts.

  • Waterproof Rolex Submariner.

What do you think is the most noticeable feature of a Rolex Submariner… obviously it must be suitable for diving as it is a high-end watch designed for diving.

The tightness of the Rolex is one of its most valued details, if you submerge it in water absolutely nothing will happen to it.

Discover Why Transitional Models are Confusing

Transitional models often confuse some buyers of high-end watches and if you do not know what a transitional model is, we explain…

Watchmaking houses are usually quite prudent, they usually design and manufacture components that are used in different lines, models and years.

It is recurrent that when entering a reference they may use components of their inventories left over from other collections.

This is the origin of transitional watches that include elements that belong to existing references and even future references.

Example of a Transitional Clock

It is possible that in some models, the initial reference for which it was manufactured has been removed from the background used and the new reference has been added.

Another frequent case is to find dials or movements of older references that have been assembled in new cases, this is the case of the Rolex Submariner 16800.

Those who do not know these details will surely think that they are looking at a counterfeit or a modified watch.

The Rolex Submariner 16800 is one of the few traditional models with a specific reference number.

Difficulty in Valuing a Rolex Submariner ref 16800

Authenticating a transitional watch such as the Rolex Submariner ref 16800 can be a complex task and even more so for limited editions such as the reference 16800 from 1981.

That is why it is always good to buy these watches from reliable and experienced companies such as Adeler Joyeros.

Differences between Reference 1680 and 16800

The code or “reference” that identifies each Rolex model is a subject that can make anyone’s head explode, in fact, experts do not fully understand the logic of this sequence.

So Rolex does things like jumping from the references 55(XX) to the reference 1680 that was born in 1969 and 10 years later comes the reference 16800 with significant improvements:

  • The plexi is replaced by a sapphire.
  • Incorporation of an even more robust case.
  • The patented triple crown seal system is added.
  • Reaches 300 m of watertightness.

To this same reference in 1981 the unidirectional bezel with click was added.

Rolex Submariner Reference 16800 Limited Edition Transition 1981

For some collectors, limited editions are often quite attractive, especially if they are rare models such as the 1981 Rolex Submariner 16800.

It is an automatic caliber watch, steel case diameter 40 mm with black dial and covered by sapphire crystal.

In addition, it features beautiful creamy patina lume plots and matching hands that contrast with the matte dial.

It is enough to enter pages like Crono24 to see the few available for sale in the market, but the good news is that you can find one right now in Adeler Joyeros.

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