Luxury watches and engines, the result: a Rolex Daytona

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There is no doubt that one of the keys to the success of Rolex luxury watches is their ability to innovate and understand the specific needs of selected market sectors.

This has allowed this famous high-end watch manufacture to establish an alliance with sport and launch truly iconic models.

An example of these is the Rolex Submariner considered the diving watch par excellence, the Rolex Yatch Master I and II watches models for sailing and of course the Rolex Daytona the colossus in motorsport.

From Fragile Luxury Watches to the Robustness of Rolex.

Rolex initially focused on precision, and in 1910 obtained the Swiss Certificate of Chronometric Precision.

But Hans Wilsdorf this was not enough….

At that time luxury watches were considered very delicate objects with which no one would dare to dive into the sea to swim or dive into the depths.

Until 1926, when Wilsdorf appealed to another quality in its models “the hermeticity”, then the Oyster Perpetual collection was born, which turned the world of watchmaking upside down.

This manufacture is an expert in turning watches into something more than just an article to tell the time, they are functional pieces and even survival tools.

Rolex watches besides being luxurious are accurate, robust and useful, this allows them to be part of great moments in the history of mankind.

Rolex Watches and Motorsport.

But how did Rolex come to have a close relationship with motor racing, we’ll tell you…

Hans Wilsdorf was not only an innovator, but he also recognized the importance of marketing even at that time.

Rolex Watches and Motorsport.

In this way he was always looking for ways to link his high-end watches with prominent personalities, so in 1930 Malcom Campbell commonly wore a Rolex.

Cambell conquered the world speed record on numerous occasions and Rolex even launched a special model in his honor, the “Rolex Precision Campbell“.

Roar the Engines, but with a Rolex Daytona.

Later, when motor racing took off in the 1950s, watchmakers set out to create unique timepieces to serve as aids for measuring speed, distance and lap times.

Rolex always at the forefront, it was devised in 1963 Rolex a watch with chronograph that transformed the industry…

It was the Cosmograph chronograph model christened “Daytona” to pay tribute to the sand circuit where motorists competed.

Thus was born the marriage between Rolex and Daytona International Speedway, a very successful partnership so far.

Rolex Daytona Paul Newman

The success of the Daytona is indisputable, famous singers like Ed Sheeran, Maluma and sports personalities like Michael Jordan are seen with this model.

But there is one actor who has a close relationship with this luxury watch and that is Paul Newman, who is also a racing driver.

Rolex Daytona Paul Newman

Five years ago, Paul Newman ‘s Rolex Daytona was auctioned for an exorbitant 17 million dollars, which places it among the most expensive wristwatches in history.

Rolex Oyster Chronograph.

In 1963, the Rolex chronograph adopted the name “Rolex Cosmograph Daytona”, when it became the official chronometer of the Daytona circuit in Florida.

Later editions such as the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 6239 changed the design a bit, but without losing the essence of the pioneer.

Other variations are given in its movement, initially the Daytona was a manual winding movement, and later it became an automatic winding movement, today it is a manufacture movement called the 4130 movement.

The most recent models have incorporated other elements such as:

  • Tachymeter on the bezel.
  • 3 counters on the dial.
  • Pushers delimiting the crown.

An innovative material such as cerachrom is added, in addition to improving visibility by increasing the dimensions of the indexes and incorporating luminescence.

Luxury Watches Increasingly Hermetic.

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona launched in 2017 leaves a big footprint, first of all, there is gold for all tastes, three options are presented:

  • Yellow gold.
  • White gold.

The 40 mm Oyster case is increasingly robust and watertight, the crown adds extra protection with the triple waterproofing system known as Triplock.

It features sapphire crystal to protect the classic piece from any kind of unwanted scratches.

Rolex Daytona Raimbow Aesthetic Innovation Showcase.

Rolex not only sets technological standards, but also aesthetically its proposals are totally captivating.

One of them is Rolex Daytona Rainbow which was launched in 2012, made in yellow gold and white gold but the most striking detail is its bezel adorned in precious stones in degradation to simulate a rainbow.

The rainbow on this model is an idea that quickly became a cult object for collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Other manufacturers did not hesitate to replicate the feat by devising their own “Rainbow” models, thus giving way to:

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Squeleton Rainbow

  • Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Squeleton Rainbow.
  • Parmigiani Fleurier Tonda 1950 Tourbillon Moonbow watch.
  • Big Bang Unico King Gold watch.

Color makes its presence felt in high-end watches thanks to the influence of Rolex and reaches even popular brands such as Casio.

Rolex Daytona Price How Much Is a Luxury Watch Worth?

Since the 1950s, the Rolex Daytona has set the standard in the world of watchmaking; it is a coveted model and the common question is: How much does a Rolex Daytona cost?

It is no secret that getting any Rolex model new is difficult and the waiting lists are endless, which is why prices vary in the pre-owned watch market.

The price of a used Rolex Daytona depends on the model, year, condition, materials, exclusivity and other aspects.

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