Why are Rolex Cellini Watches Called that?

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The Rolex Cellini watches are considered as the dress line of the manufacture, but really regardless of the Rolex model, we already know that this brand is a symbol of good dress.

However, among its lines are a series of high-value sports models and elegant professional watches such as the Cellini.

Have you ever wondered where the name of this model comes from, we will tell you?

History of Rolex Cellini Watches.

Now, this luxury watch first came on the market in the 60’s, something curious because that time was the beginning of the hippie movement with more relaxed aesthetic demands.

However, Rolex always knows what it does and successfully bet on this high-end watchthat has its basis in a 1928 model “the Rolex Prince”.

In fact, it is possible to find the rolex cellini in different sizes, materials and shapes such as the Rolex Cellini Danaos and the Rolex Cellini Castello.

Where does the name of this luxury watch come from?

The name of this watch is a tribute to Benvenuto Cellini, a renowned Italian sculptor, goldsmith and writer.

Especially recognized for his goldsmith works in the Italian Renaissance period, creator of carved coins, jewelry, vases and exquisite ornaments.

Its name is a tribute to art and it could not be otherwise because the Rolex Cellini are really elegant and artistic pieces.

The evolution of the Cellini.

The rolex cellini today have had several changes and appearances of their old designs, as happened in 2005 where the Rolex cellini Prince model came back to light as a recreation of its 1928 model.

The most current versions recover a moon phase tool, i.e. a feature inspired by the watches produced in the 1950s.

Each Cellini watch meets the demands of perfection characteristic of the brand and bequeaths all the classicism of the line, but under a timeless approach.

7 captivating elements of the Rolex Cellini watch.

The Swiss house has exclusive lines for sport and action, but if it’s about elegance and etiquette, that’s what the Cellini is for.

A classic model that is always in line with the best pieces of clothing, it goes like a ring to the finger with good taste.

  • The movement.

It has a caliber 3135 an automatic model so it enjoys a structure as precise as the Rolex sports models.

The most recent Cellini even boast submersibility to a depth of 50 meters, so there is more to their features than just elegance.

  • The box.

It is a model that adapts perfectly to any type of wrist, can be found with 35 mm cases (vintage versions) to 39 mm cases the most modern.

  • Materials.

You can choose from materials such as rose gold, yellow gold and white gold with leather or metal strap, with or without diamond inlays.

Famous People Who Use a Cellini

Celebrities such as former U.S. President Barack Obama and Gustavo Dudamel, conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, have been spotted on several occasions wearing one of these high-end watches.

They are such captivating pieces that even Elvis Presley was seduced by one of them, specifically the Rolex King Midas with ref. 9630inspired by the eponymous king who turned everything he touched into gold.

At the time it was the most expensive Rolex you could buy, even surpassing the Rolex Day Date.

  • Cellini Rolex Prince, the Reinvention of a Great Model.

The architecture of this is a watch features a rectangular shape with a slight avant-garde and exceptional style.

It has the recognition of being the first reference produced on a large scale which has a chronometer, but its production was discontinued until it was reinvented in a new version decades later.

The Swiss house opted for the reinterpretation of the piece in order to reflect elegance with savoir-faire and thus returned the Rolex Cellini Prince considered as the crown of the Cellini collection.

Among its most outstanding details are the following:

  • It has engravings that adorn it from top to bottom.
  • Dial with separate counters for hours and minutes
  • Alligator leather strap with black or brown beadings
  • It can be found in white and yellow gold presentations.
  • Case is 45 x 29 mm

Rolex Cellini Moonphase, the sky at your fingertips.

One of the new additions to the Cellini family, it produces an incredible first visual impact thanks to its attractive white lacquered dial.

The moon phase display is a highly valued addition to this model, which has a classic and modern aesthetic.

The phases of the moon are indicated by the subdials located at 6 o’clock and to complement the refined design a starry night sky was staged with a blue enameled disc.

This one allows to show the full moon with a small meteorite applique and the moon outlined in a silver color like the stars.

Its main features are:

  • Everose 18 karat gold case
  • Discreet and classic size of 39 mm
  • Strap is made of brown beaded alligator leather.
  • It features an Everose gold folding clasp.

Why Buy Rolex Cellini Watches?

It is a classic that will always be appreciated by the most refined personalities, on an aesthetic level it is timeless “it will never go out of fashion”.

If you are thinking of investing, remember that models that include diamonds on the dial and bezel are highly valued.

At the technical level, it has a manufacture caliber with chronometer certification and a deviation of max. +/- 2 seconds per day

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