Comparison Rolex Versus Casio.

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We leave you here a Rolex Versus Casio Comparison and analyze how valid it is to put these two brands on a scale.

Colombian Shakira’s song has put these two watch brands in the middle of a public debate. What are the differences between these two watches? We’ll explain.

Rolex is a brand to which we have dedicated numerous news articles, the reason is very obvious, it is one of the most famous luxury watch manufacturers in existence.

A well-earned reputation because the high-end Rolex watches are made with incredible precision and thoroughness, and that arouses admiration within the industry.

Why talk about Rolex Versus Casio?

Although the whole song was somewhat controversial because of the context, there was one phrase in particular that aroused a great deal of interest and gave way to numerous memes and mentions for both companies:

“You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio” a comparison that magnifies Rolex and Ferrari, but minimizes Twingo vehicles and Casio watches.

We will unveil if this comparison is fair explaining a little the differences between the two brands of watches, but first we invite you to know a little history of Casio.

The Origins of Cassius.

Casio Computer is a Japanese multinational company founded in 1946, famous for its calculators and watches, but also manufactures audio equipment, PDAs, digital cameras and electronic keyboards.

Tadao Kashio, the founder of Casio Computer Co, started working as an apprentice lathe operator after graduating from high school.

Thanks to his skills, the factory owner urged him to study at the University, simultaneously working in the factory where he gained experience in a variety of jobs, from making pots, pans and lamps for bicycles.

In 1946, he set up his own business in which he was dedicated to repairing different machines such as banknote issuers, until one day he received a calculator to repair and this opened his mind to manufacture a smaller and more functional calculator.

He went on to set up his first calculator factory in Tokyo in 1949 and made inroads with table clocks.

In 1969 he invented the first quartz wristwatch with a digital liquid crystal display (LCD) that was ideally sized to be worn on the wrist and was called the Casiotron.

Rolex Versus Casio: What are the main differences?

  • Price.

Most Casio watches have a very attractive price-quality ratio, i.e. you can get a good product for an affordable price.

While Rolex watches usually have a high price not aimed at all the masses, obviously the undisputed quality, they are exclusive watches.

  • The design.

The design of Casio watches is modern and focused on technology, they are somewhat informal, while Rolex watches show an elegant design, although this does not limit that they can be used on various occasions.

  • Structure and technology.

Rolexes are robust, they are usually heavy, unlike Casios which are usually light.

One of the biggest differences is that Casio watches use quartz technology, while Rolex watches are usually mechanical.

Are they comparable? Like beer and wine.

The truth is that both watches are aimed at different segments, perhaps it would be the equivalent of comparing beer and wine.

When we talk about Casio and Rolex we are talking about two very different worlds, they are really two very different watch brands that are aimed at different markets.

Rolex is a manufacture that specializes in high quality and durable luxury watches, many of them exclusive and even unique.

It can be said that both brands offer high quality watches, but each in its own style, in general there are notable differences in terms of price, design, construction, precision, water resistance, prestige, and durability.

Casio is a perfect brand to start even from children and Rolex is an iconic brand within the range of luxury watches.

Some Rolex models are not easily accessible, are part of the collector’s world and are considered an excellent investment.

A Casio watch more expensive than a Rolex.

As we mentioned Casio watches are more accessible to the general public than Rolex watches, but there is a particular model whose price may surprise you.

This is the G-Shock Pure Gold G-D5000-9JR, created in 2020 to celebrate 35 years since the launch of the G-Shock series.

The reason for such a high price is that the watch case, bracelet and outer screws are made of 18-karat yellow gold.

In turn, among its features it shows a water resistance of 200 meters, the price of the watch is 70,000 dollars and only 35 pieces were launched to the market.

This price positions the model above many Rolex watches such as the GMT-Master II series os whose value is around $23,000 or the acclaimed Oyster Datejust with a value close to $10,000.

Buy a Rolex or a Casio.

Obviously buying a Rolex is always a safe bet, they are prestigious watches highly valued in the second hand market.

This is not meant to discredit the Casio brand, but to clarify, as previously mentioned, that they are aimed at different audiences.

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