Almost 7 decades conquering the depths: Rolex Submariner watch

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Explore the depths of the sea with a
Rolex Submariner watch
is to enshrine a dream, although really this high-end watch is equally coveted by all.

You don’t have to dive deep to understand that this sports watch is a legend. What makes it so special? Discover its history.

How the Rolex Submariner Watch Story Began

In the 1950s, diving had become a sport that was gaining more and more followers and one of them was Rene P. Jeanneret, an amateur diver and director of Rolex.

As expected, he urged the company to manufacture a diver’s watch that would withstand the depths, while retaining the elegance characteristic of the manufacture.

Thus in 1953 was born the Rolex Submariner watch model that sealed its success since Auguste Piccard and his son Jacques tried to beat a diving world record.

For their feat of reaching a depth of 3,131.8 meters (10,275 feet) they were accompanied by a Submariner, which held up without problems.

The Holy Grail of Rolex Watches.

A year later the renowned manufacturers of high-end watches presented themselves at the renowned watch fair Basel with two models of the sports watch.

These were the Rolex Submariner watches with the references 6204 and 6205, which stood out for being the first ones with a water resistance of 100 meters (328 feet).

But the holy grail of the brand really was the third version, the Rolex Submariner reference 6200, this was slightly larger, with a thicker case, water resistant to 200 m, in addition to presenting a larger crown than the other two references.

A Curious Fact About the Rolex Submariner 6200 Watch.

Before the release of the Submariner 6200, Rolex had already launched the references 6204 and 6205. Why go back to the numbering?

It could clearly be deduced that this was an earlier version by its reference number and by presenting a more antiquated movement.

This issue was later clarified by Hans Wilsdorf, founder of Rolex, the reason being that they did not believe that the public was ready to accept the thickness of the ref. 6200,

They did not say the word “Submariner”.

Another curiosity about the early models is that the first 3 Rolex Submariner watches do not have the word “Submariner” engraved on the dial, nor did they have crown guards.

The “Bond, James Bond” High End Clock

The famous fictional character played in the 1960s by actor Sean Connery burst into scenes in impeccable attire that included a high-end watch.

In the first two films he can be seen wearing a Rolex Submariner ref. 6538; this model is popularly known as “Bond’s Submariner” and is distinguished by a large crown without guards in addition to the luminous pearl at 12 o’clock.

It became a coveted watch and in fact one million dollars was the amount for which it was auctioned in 2018 a Submariner ref. 6538 with a rare Explorer dial.

The Personality of this Sports Watch.

The famous diver’s watch has retained its style for almost 70 years and although it has evolved in certain aspects, its design stands out for its well-defined personality.

Despite remaining aesthetically stable, the improvements in appearance and performance are undeniable.

The most outstanding changes occurred in the early years until it got its own personality, among the most iconic details are the following:

  • The “Mercedes” needle

In 1955 the definitive shape of the hour hand appeared, which is known among enthusiasts as “Mercedes” because of its similarity to the emblem of the German automaker.

  • Protrusions from the box.

In 1959, it incorporates case protrusions that protect the crown from accidental impacts.

  • Cyclops lens.

In 1966 Rolex added another iconic feature to the Submariner; in the ref. 1680 appears the date window and a plexiglass crystal with the famous Cyclops lens that allows the date to be magnified.

Some outstanding Rolex Submariner models

Rolex Submariner with red dial.

Rolex Submariner watches have undergone some changes in the dials, but undoubtedly among the most iconic dials is the one known as red submarine.

It was the first Submariner to include a date indicator at the 3 o’clock position, in addition to the Cyclops lens. In turn, this model featured a new and improved Rolex caliber 1575.

They also decided to color the word Submariner red and thus create a striking contrast with the black background of the dial and the white inscription below.

The Rolex with the letters “Submariner” in red was produced until 1973, this touch of color made it a highly coveted model by collectors.

Rolex watch red submariner dial.

Rolex Submariner Gold

All Rolex Submariner watches available before 1969 were made of steel, but the manufacture decided to launch a luxury watch version in gold.

Reference 16618 in yellow gold with blue dial and bezel, this launch marked the introduction of true luxury with precious metals.

Another significant aspect of this model is that it is the first Submariner to have a different color dial and bezel.

Rolex Submariner Gold

Rolex Submariner Green

When this classic sports watch turned 50 years old, Rolex launched a new steel version of the reference 16610, this time with a green bezel.

The company, defying as always the predictions of those who thought it would be a special anniversary edition, produced this model as usual.

But, even though it is not a limited edition, you must join the well-known waiting lists if you wish to have it on your wrist.

Rolex Submariner Green

The new era of the Rolex Submariner

In 2020, as expected, Rolex only made some subtle changes to the Submariner, after all, it is already a classic that does not need to be reinvented even after almost 70 years.

The reference 124060 preserves all the essence of the previous versions, although it presents technical improvements and its steel case has a diameter of 41 millimeters.

In its interior I present the following variations:

  • It has the latest generation 3230 movement.
  • Accurate time indication with a deviation of ± 2 seconds per day.
  • Power reserve increased to 70 hours.
  • Paraflex anti-shock to protect the flywheel shaft.

What is the price of an original Rolex Submariner watch?

The Rolex Submariner watch represents something more than a sports watch for divers, it is a jewel in the watchmaking world.

Determining the price of a second-hand watch requires analyzing a series of factors such as: the version, reliability of the components, state of conservation, etc.

Do you want to know the price of your used Rolex Submariner, contact us now and we will help you immediately.