Discover the Famous People with Cartier Watches.

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There are many stories to tell about this brand and it is not for less because Cartier high-end watches have more than 170 years captivating us.

Actors, politicians, plastic artists and royalty have felt a kind of connection with specific models of this manufacture.

Want to find out which models we are talking about?… read us.

Icon among the Cartier Haute Horlogerie.

It is appropriate to say that “a Tank will always be a Tank ” …

This watch was born in 1917 under the creative mind of Louis Cartier who perhaps did not imagine the impact it would have for the brand.

An irreverent design for the time, when everyone was used to the classic round watches.

Why is it so special?

The Tank de Cartier watch not only represents a variation on traditional geometry, but also enjoys a rather curious source of inspiration.

The muse of the creator of this iconic model is “a war tank”, an element that is far from the sophistication of the watchmaking world, but thanks to its presence, this transgressive idea was born.

The design of this watch is based on the shape of a war tank seen from above, i.e. what you might see of this vehicle when flying over it in a helicopter or airplane.

Tank de Cartier watch Andy Warhol’s Favorite.

The plastic artist, actor and maximum exponent of pop culture was a faithful admirer of high-end watches, in fact, he had a collection of more than 300 pieces.

Among them a Patek Philippe Calatrava watch and a Rolex chronograph Oyster, but without a doubt his favorite was always the Tank de Cartier watch and he was rarely seen without it.

So much so was his love for this specimen that on one occasion he commented that he did not wear it to look at the time, but to admire the piece.

Tank de Cartier watch, Andy Warhol's favorite.

The preferred luxury watch among celebrities.

But Andy Warhol is not the only famous person with a weakness for the famous Tank de Cartier watch, other celebrities who often wore it were Gary Cooper and Jackie Kennedy.

Nor does royalty escape the tentacles of the brand because the remembered Diana of Wales had in her possession two Cartier watches: the Tank Louis Cartier and Tank Français.

While currently Queen Maxima of the Netherlands has been seen several times with a Tank Watch by Cartier.

Sell High End Cartier Watches.

Another curious fact about Andy Warhol is that he used to keep absolutely everything related to his watches.

From the invoices, to the boxes and labels, this is a habit that every watch lover should copy because at the time of selling a watch it can increase its value.

Then remember that if you are going to sell a Cartier watch and you keep all its accessories, the valuation will be much more favorable for you.

A timeless high-end watch.

The Tank de Cartier watch is a model that never goes out of fashion and although over time it has been reissued, its essence always remains intact.

Recently, 24-year-old actor Jacob Elordi from the miniseries Euphoria reminded us that the Tank de Cartier is a perfect watch for all occasions and all ages.

During the premiere of the second season of the series, she was spotted in a black suit perfectly matched with her 18-karat rose gold bracelet watch.

Cartier Ballon Bleu watch.

Although the Tank is the favorite of most, it is not the only watch from this manufacture that deserves mention.

The Cartier Ballon Bleu watch also has its followers, including Kate Middleton who has repeatedly worn this model in various public appearances.

Clark Gable and his Cartier Tank Watch with Arabic numerals.

Another famous person who could not resist the charm of this model was the American film actor Clark Gable.

Remembered for being the typical seductive and virile heartthrob, as well as one of Hollywood’s brightest and highest-grossing movie stars.

In the film “Land of Passion” in 1935, he was seen wearing a Cartier Tank watch, which was quite rare because it showed Arabic numerals instead of Roman numerals.

In addition, it had a seconds subdial, so far it is not known whether this was a very limited edition or a particular request from the actor.

Clark Gable and his Cartier Tank Watch with Arabic numerals.

Steve McQueen’s Cartier.

The actor was recognized in the sixties as a rebel and his roles were always characterized by a tough personality.

However, when the film “The Thomas Crown Affair” came into her life, she played a more refined and elegant character.

And there is no better way to project an elegant image than wearing a luxury watch, he specifically chose for this a Cartier Tank Cintrée watch which is a variation of the original Tank.

Kanye West and His Broken Cartier Watch.

Now we jump to the present day to talk about Kanye West, the singer and producer with a slightly more irreverent image who also chose a Cartier.

The watch that has accompanied this celebrity had to be as controversial as he is and it’s no wonder he opted for a Cartier Crash watch.

This model represents an evolution of the traditional Tank, but under a disruptive and totally innovative concept.

Kanye West and His Broken Cartier Watch.

The Cartier Crash watch was inspired by a Crash.

This watch marked the renewal of the brand at a time that was moving away from the classicism that Cartier represented.

The sixties were marked by the hippie culture with relaxed clothing and the watch industry was affected, there was a need for a radical and different design.

But so far the typical round spheres, rectangular spheres and the most daring were the triangular spheres.

Until Jean-Jacques, Cartier’s creative mind, was on his way to work and noticed 2 cars wrecked in a collision and thought …..

What would a Tank watch look like if it had been in a car accident… the answer was in the Cartier Crash watch.

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