Do you know the history of the first Cartier wristwatch?

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We are all tied to time, if we analyze it as soon as we wake up the first thing we do is look at what time it is, we repeat this instinctively throughout the day and literally always walk in a race against time.

Nowadays you can check the time on almost any device: your smartphone, TV, tablet, in the car, your wall clock, but if you are a little more classic and value style you do it by looking at your wristwatch.

Have you ever wondered where the wristwatch came from, we want to tell you whose idea it was to wear the watch on our wrist and why?

The first Cartier wristwatches were for ladies.

When Cartier was born and began to grow its brand, the trend was to have pocket watches, usually gentlemen had a compartment in their suits on the left side where they kept the precious device.

But the ladies were a little uncomfortable with this type of watches, they were not practical for them nor did they have any place in their suits to wear them.

In 1888, Cartier always innovating had a line of wristwatches for ladies, so that the women of society could emulate the first woman in history to wear one of these: the younger sister of Napoleon and Queen of Naples.

The pilot who inspired the Cartier men’s bracelet watch

Louis Cartier grandson Louis-François Cartier (1819-1904) founder of the Swiss jewelry and watchmaking company Cartier was a close friend of Albert Santos Dumont a daring Brazilian pilot who achieved the feat of being one of the first to take off the first airplane with engine.

In one of their many meetings, the Brazilian told Louis Cartier that in one of his feats he had not found out that he had achieved a new speed record until the judges told him when he got off the plane.

The reason was very simple, at that time pocket watches were used and it was impossible to check the time of his journey while commanding the ship.

Cartier, like all great entrepreneurs, could not stand idly by, and so the Cartier Santos watch was born. Cartier Santos watchA milestone, a wristwatch inspired by Art-Deco, which conquered the Parisian high society since 1911 and the whole world until today.

The pilot who inspired the Cartier men's bracelet watch

The Cartier panther, a fashion icon

This feline can not miss in the catalog of this glamorous brand, it is practically its hallmark and year after year you can see that their collections are inspired by “The Panther”, but do you know why this obsession of Cartier is born?

At the end of the 20th century Louis Cartier met Jeanne Toussaint, who at that time was something like the “influencers” of today, a lady of high society, friend of Coco Channel and acclaimed for her taste in dress.

With Madame Toussaint he travels to Kenya and visits a safari where he appreciates panthers in their natural habitat, he returns convinced that this feline represented all the femininity he wanted to convey through his line for ladies.

Thus, the Panther becomes an icon of the brand and the madame becomes part of the firm as a designer; a complete line is born from jewelry, accessories and of course watches inspired by the fur of a panther.

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