Do you want to know the 5 keys to detect a fake rolex?

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If you have been able to buy a rolex, you are among the select group of people who have made a great investment, you can wear it with pride and when you find yourself in trouble you can sell your second hand rolex without problems.

But be careful, don’t get an unpleasant surprise, it has happened to more than one person that at the moment of valuing the rolex, their aspirations are deflated like a balloon and the price falls to the floor, the rolex is a copy!

Real or fake Rolex? … difficult to identify.

Currently the imitations of high-end watches are so good, that the differences between the original and the fake are almost imperceptible, manufacturers are increasingly daring because this is an industry that can leave big dividends and they know it.

The good news is that, despite their efforts, there are always details that give away these copies and we will tell you about them so that you don’t fall for any scam…

The 5 details that give away a fake rolex

The 5 details that give away a fake rolex:

There are forgeries that are very obvious, at first glance the less elaborated ones show details such as stains, rustic lines, badly engraved letters and even misspellings that make you think that it is undoubtedly a copy.

But on the other hand, there are imitation watches that can easily deceive you at first, you will need to check these 5 aspects that we will reveal below:

Your rolex model and serial number

Genuine rolexes show their serial and model number marked with solid and deep lines, their edges shining by the perfection of their angles, as if they were diamond cut.

On the contrary, the replicas have low quality engravings, they are shown with sandy, shallow or polished lettering.

The logo.

The famous crown that identifies the brand is always located on the inside of the case, located below the 12 o’clock also bears the word ROLEX engraved.

Machinery and its operation.

A rolex watch is an “opera prima”, each of its components are manufactured with special care to achieve absolute perfection, in fact, usually its internal parts carry a watermark that identifies the brand.

Almost all rolex watches have mechanical movements, very few models of this brand are quartz, (they have been manufactured, but are very limited versions), so if you notice that it is quartz you could be facing a fake watch.


Generally a rolex watch is heavy product of the internal composition, a good way to notice if you are in front of a fake rolex is to verify its weight, you can investigate the weight of the model you want to buy and make sure it is the same as the specifications.

Micro etched glass

This applies to models from 2002 onwards, the watchmaker from that date makes the micro engraving of the famous crown logo on the crystal that protects the dial, it is located at the 6 o’clock position, it is an almost imperceptible detail so you will need very good lighting to notice it.

Additionally keep in mind that each of the pieces of an original rolex watch are made under very strict quality standards, they pass through the hands of selected craftsmen, if you notice for example that one of the hands of the watch has some residue you can be sure that it is not an original model.

How to avoid falling for scams when buying a rolex?

Rolex is synonymous with status, it is a pure jewel, therefore, do not expect it to be a “cheap” piece, if you go to buy a rolex and the price of the watch is well below the expected, you can be almost sure that it is not authentic.

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