High-end Rolex Watches: A Practical Guide.

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The world of high-end Rolex watches is extensive and mythical, this manufacture has produced watches that are fascinating on an aesthetic and technological level.

Typically, collectors and admirers of Rolex watches tend to master terms, technical details and histories of these luxury timepieces.

But for those who are just starting to be interested in them, it can be exasperating to understand some topics and that is why today we wanted to leave this small guide.

High End Rolex Watches, the Secret.

It is no secret that Rolex is considered the ultimate expression of Swiss watchmaking and each of its pieces is highly coveted and valued.

This company was founded in 1905 by Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis after the merger of Montres Rolex SA and Rolex Industrie SA.1.

But the detail that few know is that its main founder Wilsdorf was not Swiss and much less watchmaker, although this was not limiting for Rolex’s success.

This manufacture has been the creator for more than a century of a great variety of styles that are grouped in different collections.

Each of them is perfectly adapted to the fashion, the times and, most importantly, to the demands of the users.

rolex watches  Decoding the Language of High End Rolex Watches.

It is a very common habit among the Rolex fan community to give nicknames to some models such as the “Rolex Hulk” or Rolex “Rainbow”.

This is a detail that not everyone knows, especially those who are just beginning to admire the world of high-end watchmaking, but over time they become familiar with it.

However, this is not the most relevant point…really the key to be able to talk about Rolex or any other high-end watch is to understand these 3 concepts:

  • References.

Each watch that makes up the different collections has a reference number, it is common for connoisseurs of the brand to identify each Rolex watch by its reference number.

  • Movements.

The mechanism of a high-end watch is known as a “movement” and can have different configurations. Each variant is known as a caliber and is accompanied by a serial number.

  • Complications.

Each movement or caliber may have specific functions such as the perpetual calendar, second time zone, etc..

These functions are known as “complications”!

Swiss Made Hermeticity.

Rolex watches are usually watertight and it is a feature that is quite appreciated, but this watertightness is not only reserved for watches: the company is also often somewhat watertight!

It is therefore difficult to be precise about significant data such as the actual production volume, especially with regard to the limited versions, which is a secret.

This performance generates some controversy and mystery?

Not only about the number of pieces put on the market but there are also rumors of prototypes made especially for celebrities and even others that were never put on the market.

This aspect adds a certain degree of difficulty when authenticating some of the brand’s watches, which is why caution should be exercised if you are in the middle of a negotiation.

How are Rolex Premium Watches Grouped?

We already know that the brand groups them through different collections, but investors and collectors make a categorization according to the periods of release, thus watches are recognized:

  • Old.
  • Vintage.
  • Modern.
  • Contemporary.

To this are added subcategories, the delimitation of which can be imprecise and is one of the issues that generates the most confusion among the inexperienced.

Some of them:

  • Bubbleback.
  • Military.
  • Arabics.
  • Transitional.

Antique Rolex Watches.

Rolex antique watches group all those produced since the creation of the brand until the forties, are characterized by having a smaller size than the current ones.

They are very delicate, fragile and it is quite difficult to get authentic vintage rolexes.

Generally, those who own them reserve them to admire them because they are not suitable for daily use due to their delicacy.

An original antique Rolex watch can be valued at substantial sums of money and are highly sought after by collectors.

Rolex Vintage.

It refers to watches produced after the 40s until the end of the seventies, during that period saw the birth of models that are milestones among the sports and professional Rolex lines.

With the war over, the general public wanted a return to normalcy and part of that was glitz.

However, these new lines of watches had to be functional to suit aviation, exploration, diving, space travel and other activities. Rolex got it!

It is the birth of high-end Rolex watches robust and resistant that did not leave aside the aesthetic component, it is for this reason that the market for Vintage Rolex watches is wide.

Rolex Modern Classic.

This group includes watches manufactured from the eighties to the new millennium, usually reissues of iconic models of the previous era.

They are ideal for young collectors who do not want to get too complicated with vintage models.

Rolex Contemporaries.

It categorizes watches of current manufacture which continue to pay homage to their predecessors, but with new technological additions.

One of the features that stand out in the contemporary ones is the disappearance of the anomalies prior to the classification system that you will come across with antique, vintage and modern classic watches.

Now let’s talk about the subcategories…

If you have come across a “Rolex Bubbleback” and don’t understand exactly what it means, we will explain it now…We will also detail other terms that usually group rolexes together.

Rolex Bubbleback is a nickname that some collectors often give to various Oyster Perpetual references with a rounded back.

This is not a specific reference, as there are many variations of dials and movements in the market.

We could consider all Rolex automatic/perpetual watches built around the famous Oyster case and screw-down crown as Bubbleback.

Similarly, there is the group of “military watches” whose functions or models have been specifically adapted for this purpose.

buy high end Rolex watchesOr you can get watches that fall into the “Rolex Arabic” group, which includes those with Arabic numerals.

Transitional clocks, on the other hand, are those with anomalous configurations, i.e. they include parts of previous or future references.

Buy High End Watches.

After this small guide you will be able to buy or sell second hand watches in a bolder and more confident way.

However, remember that watch authentication is critical in any negotiation and we can assist you in the process.

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