What is the perfect setting for your diamond ring?

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The right choice of setting for a diamond ring is a key factor in ensuring that the jewelry looks perfect, the gem remains secure and also stands out on your hand.

A proper setting should enhance the beauty of the ring and it is for this reason that this process can be considered an art that jewelers, artisans and designers take very seriously.

Setting or crimping of diamonds?

The setting is the way to make the union between the stone and the metal in a jewel, it is also known as “crimping”, so there is no need to be confused when hearing this term.

The objective when choosing the crimp must be to achieve harmony of the piece, comfort and guarantee a good finish, as it must not have protruding edges.

In addition, it is essential to ensure the safety of the gemstone, especially if it is an expensive diamond that no one wants to lose or damage.

In short… the perfect setting must avoid wear and tear or misplacement!

The perfect setting for your diamond ring

The perfect setting for your diamond ring

But talking about the “perfect” setting could be a controversial topic because it ultimately depends on the correct design of the gemstone and also on the preferences of the wearer.

For example, if the wearer likes to stand out through their diamond ring then a claw setting would suit them, if they care more about security their best choice would be a bezel or rail setting.

Most popular types of settings in diamond rings:

Claw set diamond ring

Crimp on claws

This type of setting allows the stone to be lifted with the help of three, four or even six claws, depending on the size of the diamond.

These claws are distributed around the shiny stone, in such a way as to make it more exposed to anyone’s view.

The claw setting makes the gemstone stand out in a majestic way as it gives it a unique brilliance and because of this it has the highest social approval.

bezel-set diamond ring

Bezel setting

The bezel setting is one of the oldest and safest in existence, because it completely surrounds the gemstone in metal.

It is recommended for people with an active life, since one of the strong points of this type of setting is the protection of the brilliant stone.

The only detail is that the diamond loses some of its attractiveness as it is completely surrounded and does not allow the light to reflect as much on the diamond as the previous method.

tension crimping for rings

Tension crimping

The diamond is placed in grooves or spaces and held by tension action on the walls of the jewel, this setting provides a modern and elegant touch to the ring.

The gemstone is practically “in the air”, so care must be taken to ensure that the tension is correct to keep the stone in place.

It is not one of the most secure settings, but you can really create wonderful and versatile designs with this way of holding the stones.

Engaster per rail for diamond rings

Rail crimping

This type of setting consists of placing the small stones next to each other in an aligned manner and they are inserted into the rail or channel.

This is an ideal option for baguette, emerald or princess cut gemstones and it offers greater protection because none of the edges of the stones are exposed to shocks.

The beauty of this setting is that it allows to have a line of gems without the presence of metal between each other, it is perfect to highlight small diamonds.

Valuing a diamond ring.

To know the correct value of a diamond ring your safest and most reliable option is to have it appraised by professional appraisers.

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