What is the price of the most expensive high-end watches in the world?

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Talking about prices in the world of watchmaking can be a complex subject because there are many factors that influence the value of high-end watches.

For example, the model, the brand, the materials, the complications, and in addition to this, there are limited editions that are highly coveted.

Anyway, we all know they can be expensive, but have you ever wondered exactly what is the price of the most expensive watches in the world, we’ll tell you ….

Why do people love to buy high-end watches?

Among the people who buy luxury watches there are different profiles and they may have different reasons for doing so, among them:

  • To be a collector who loves the world of watchmaking.
  • Buying high-end watches as an investment.
  • To arouse the envy and admiration of the rest of the mortals.

Regardless of the motivation that each person has what we can assure from Adeler Jewelers is that it will always be a good investment to buy a high-end watch.

Most expensive watches in the world.

There are luxury watches whose price is due to the complexity of its mechanism and in other cases the value is provided by materials such as diamonds. It is also common for special pre-owned watches to be auctioned and their price is determined by their exclusivity or their former owner.

An example of this is Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona which was auctioned for 10.3 million Euros and it seems logical, since only 4 pieces of this model were manufactured. In 2015 Patek Philippe’s Grand Master Chime dethroned the price feat of Paul Newman’s Rolex and ranked as the most expensive watch ever auctioned.

The amount of the bidding for this high-end watch was finally 28 million Euros, which consists of 2 dials, one of them on the back, and more than 20 different functions.

Paul Newman's Rolex Daytona

The most expensive rolex watch.

Certainly in auctions, prices can get out of control… don’t you think? Because those who bid exceed the limits of real value and are willing to pay any price just to satisfy their particular whim. Under more objective criteria it is appropriate to mention that among the most expensive rolex watches in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo’s GMT-Master Ice.

The 18-carat white gold-plated piece with diamonds encrusted on the case, dial and strap was launched for 434,000 Euros. However, we know that it is possible that some wealthy soccer lover would pay a higher amount for the piece if it were to be auctioned, just because it is Cristiano Ronaldo’s watch.

GMT-Master Ice by Cristiano Ronaldo

How much is your high-end watch worth?

Even if you are not a famous star and/or your watch is not part of limited editions, remember that each brand watch has its specific value. If you have a high-end watch and are in a hurry to sell it, don’t let them offer you less than its real value. To avoid this, we have at your disposal a direct channel that will allow you to quickly find out the price of your watch.

We offer free appraisals throughout Spain, just contact us from wherever you are and we will help you instantly.