Alfredo Paramico and his High End Watches Collection.

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Alfredo Paramico y su colección de relojes de alta gama

Who is Alfredo Paramico in the world of watchmaking? We invite you to learn more about his collection of high-end watches ….

Some people choose to collect postcards, mugs, comics or other common objects, while others have select tastes and decide to accumulate luxurious pieces.

That is the case of Alfredo Paramico, who decided to bet a few years ago for a collection of high-end watches that today is one of the most important in the world.

The Beginnings of the High End Watch Collection.

By day he is a respectable banker, but outside of work he is better known as a prominent collector of luxury watches whose pieces are valued at 20 million euros.

Born in Italy in 1969, he began a career in investment banking in New York at the age of 24, then moved to London, where he lived for 14 years.

From there he moved to Milan and later to Madrid, where he held important positions in the derivatives trade.

However, in addition to business, his passion is watches, which is why he has been insistent on getting the best watches in the world for his collection.

The first one obtained was a Rolex Submariner ref. 5513which he subsequently sold to finance a Double Red Sea-Dweller.

Then he also focused on other major brands in the luxury industry such as Patek Philipe and Longines, so that he was expanding his collection.

Longines High Range Watches by Alfredo Paramico.

He has among his possessions the only Longines made in limited edition “the swissair” manufactured in 1954 and of which only 100 copies were launched.

Of this watch, the shape of the case and crown, which are typical of the 30s, is very striking.

The next of the protagonists of his outstanding collection is the Longines A7, which was made for the United States Army.

When this watch first came on the market, it looked like a pocket watch turned into a bracelet, but curiously enough, he became the owner of this particular piece through an E-Bay purchase.

Another Longines that stands out in the group of watches, is one that was manufactured in the middle of the last century and from this one he was captivated by the 30 zn movement, which Paramico considers to be one of the best movements created among watch manufacturers.

It’s IWC’s turn!

Among Alfredo’s favorites is a 1940 IWC Portuguesier watch, one of the many models that have captured his attention.

This is a watch made by the brand for the German army, Paramico once said that this particular model was made with the long signature of the brand and another with a different logo that is rarer to get.

Of course, the latter is the model that our avid collector has and is accompanied by an aquatimer from the mid-1960s with a double crown dial.

Omega Watches by Alfredo Paramico.

It has an Omega wristwatch with chronometer that has very, very small lugs and a case with dimensions similar to those used in pocket watches.

Another oddity of this Omega is that the button is located below the number 6 when it is usually positioned between 2 and 4.

A Breguet Captivator and the Audemars Piguet of the 40s.

Among the Top 20 watches in his collection is a Breguet military watch with a brown dial and aged hands.

And another of his treasures is an Audemars Piguet Geneve from the 1940s, in two-tone steel and rose gold.

Patek Phillipe on the catwalk.

Among the favorites could not miss a Patek Philipe watch , in this case it is the calatrava steel model ref 570 in two tones.

But the most curious thing is that next to this also has two brothers of the model that are exactly the same but in yellow gold and rose gold.

Interesting Fact: He hardly wears high-end watches.

He was once asked about: what was his favorite watch? and curiously revealed that he doesn’t wear watches that often.

He indicated that it is not something comfortable, or practical and that he really has the watches is to admire them in his collection.

Although among its favorites are a Patek Philippe ref. 1463 in steel or an exclusive Daytona with emeralds, to a Patek Minute Repeater in platinum.

He is also a loyal admirer of vintage Cartier and Longines chronographs from the 1940s.

Alfredo Pamarico and the Antique Clocks.

A loyal admirer of vintage Cartier and Longines chronographs from the 1940s, his education definitely began with vintage watches.

It is in them where he has put his greatest effort during the last 20 years, although he has not discarded contemporary pieces.

He has also been attentive to new generations of watchmakers, but it is vintage watches that arouse his deep admiration.

One of Alfredo Pamarico’s Newest Acquisitions

One of the most recent acquisitions of Alfredo Paramico is a Breguet classique 3050, Automatic in Yellow Gold which has come to the collection of the hand of Adeler Jewelers.

It has been a pleasure for us to add this wonderful watch to Alfredo Paramico’s interesting collection.

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