On Which Hand Is The Watch Worn And What Is The Reason?

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When you go to put on a high-end watch or not you usually do it automatically, but have you ever wondered which hand the watch is put on?

It is usually placed on the left hand, but why, is it just a social norm or are there greater reasons to comply with this mandate?

Let’s find out….

On Which Hand Is the Clock Placed? and Las Razones.

Practically all of us are aware that watches are placed on the left wrist but we rarely ask ourselves the reasons.

Beyond a wardrobe etiquette, the watch is placed on the arm we use the least for practicality, i.e. we leave the dominant arm free.

And considering that almost 90% of the population uses the right hand as the main extremity to perform their tasks, it was taken as a rule that: “the watch goes on the left wrist”.

This leaves the right hand free to write, eat and do any other activity without the watch being an obstacle.

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Other Justifying Reasons

Wearing your watch on the hand opposite to the hand that is most useful will keep it protected because it will be less exposed to bumps, scratches or snags.

But there is also a slightly deeper reason and it has to do with the first watches that came on the market that did not have automatic mechanisms.

Therefore, it was necessary to wind it several times a day and in the case of right-handers it was easier to wear the watch on the left wrist to make adjustments with the right hand.

Urban Legends: On Which Hand Is the Clock Placed?

There are certain popular beliefs in the jewelry world regarding the correct place to wear engagement rings and watches.

Engagement rings are said to go on the ring finger through the “vena amoris”, which according to Egyptian tradition is the one that connects this finger with the heart, but actually there is no such conduit.

There are also “urban legends” about the use of the watch on the left hand, one of which has to do with “only the left hand has a pulse”.

It was believed that some movement watches were charged with the pulse and therefore it was necessary to wear them on the left hand (although it is true, actually both wrists have a pulse).

Wearing a high-end watch on the left arm is not the norm.

But it should be noted that wearing the watch on the left arm is not a strict rule, but adopted functionality.

In any case it will not be frowned upon to wear it on the right arm!

In fact, if you are left-handed, logic dictates that you should wear your watch on your right hand or, if you are ambidextrous, on whichever hand you feel more comfortable.

What does it mean to wear the watch on the right hand?

As we have already explained, it is normal to wear the watch on the hand opposite to the dominant hand for functional reasons.

But there are those who, even if they are right-handed, prefer to wear their luxury watch on their right wrist rather than on their left.

High-end watches if worn on the dominant hand will be more eye-catching and those who do so deliberately look for:

  • Distinguish yourself from the rest
  • Reflecting power
  • Demonstrate wealth.

vladimir putin with watch in right hand

Take into account the model of the watch.

However, before deciding to place the watch in one wristband or another, there is a great detail that you must take into account and that is the design.

There are luxury watches specifically designed to be worn on the right wrist, this will be determined by the position of the crown.

The general rule is as follows:

Watches designed to be worn on the left arm have the crown on their right side, and watches made to be worn on the right arm should have the crown on the left side.

That is, the crown should not be covered by the sleeve of the shirt or jacket but should be free for manipulation.

In what hand is a high-end women’s watch worn?

For both men and women it prevails that the watch should be worn on the arm opposite to the dominant one unless you consciously wish to display it more.

Especially if it is a luxury watch you will want others to notice its presence, however, always keep in mind the design and location of the crown.

In the case of high-end women’s watches, it is common to wear the watch in conjunction with a matching bracelet.

But remember that authenticity will always be well recognized as long as it does not go to extravagant terms.

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Avoid Making Mistakes When Wearing a High-End Watch.

For example, if you want to wear a Rolex Pearlmaster 39 watch in 18K white gold with diamond pavé dial you really don’t need to pair it with more accessories on your wrist.

In order for the watch to be stylish and to be worn in the right way, take into account the following recommendations:

  • It should fit snugly on the wrist, neither too tight nor too large.
  • Try to match the strap to the clothes you wear, regardless of whether they are leather, metal or synthetic straps.
  • The size of the box should be consistent with the size of your wrist.
  • Consider your own style.
  • Matching it with your footwear is important.

High-end watches, left or right hand?

After this guide it is clear that the decision will depend on you and the design of the watch you want to wear rather than on social norms or protocols.

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